Thankfully, all Robert Hancock & Co. residents have access to our online payment portal, RentCafe, and can simplify their lives with online payments–one-time or monthly recurring.

Here are some common misconceptions regarding online payments:

MYTH: There is a $25 convenience fee for making an online payment.
FACT: The $25 convenience fee only applies to payments made with a credit card. Payments made using your bank information (routing/account number info that can be found on a check) do not incur any additional fees.

MYTH: Online payments cannot be made after the 1st.
FACT: Payments made with credit card need to be made prior to 7:00pm on the 1st in order to be considered on-time. Payments made using bank information can be made up to the 5th with no penalty.

MYTH: You need to select an end date for monthly auto-payments.
FACT: You are welcome to leave the end date blank for your auto payments, so they can continue throughout your lease period. The system will not notify you or management once you have reached your end date, which puts you at risk for a $50 late fee. If you do choose an end date, find a way to remind yourself of the end date, so you can ensure payment is made.

We highly encourage all residents to set up an account with RentCafe, so they are able to track their charges and payments. Many residents are utilizing this system to take the hassle out of rent payments and we hope to get more residents set up with this convenient system this year!

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding online payments or if you would like to have an email invite sent to you!