Omaha’s Parkwood Manor Apartments Looking Forward to Warmer Weather!

Ok, so this winter was not nearly as bad as last year, but still, we are anxious for the warmer weather to arrive.   And rumor has it that we can expect it soon!  According to the 7 day weather forecast on, we may see highs towards the 50s as early as this weekend.  Hopefully, that means spring is just around the corner!

We are very excited for the new season which will bring a new look and new opportunities to Parkwood Manor Apartments.  When spring arrives, we will be updating our landscaping with vibrant colored plants and garden beds to complement our beautiful mature trees.  This soothing natural setting is a perfect backdrop for our charming brick buildings and wrought iron balconies. 

So cross your fingers that spring is just a hop, skip and a jump away.  I know our groundskeeper is!