Planting – Apartment Style!

House plants not only add a bit of natural color to your home, but studies also show that house plants reduce stress levels while increasing productivity. Many people would love to have plants in their homes but worry that apartment-living isn’t conducive for thriving plants. However, there are plenty of plants for those in apartments, … Continue reading Planting – Apartment Style!

Life Cycle of a Move-In

The summer months are peak moving times at Robert Hancock & Co! These peak months usually start in April and end in September. It is estimated that more than 80% of moves occur during these months! Since so many people move during the peak season, it can be quite competitive at times to find a … Continue reading Life Cycle of a Move-In

Improvements Galore! Tons of Work at Cedar Heights in the Month of August

August is here! Normally, the month of August denotes of a lot of things starting back up: School opens back up for all ages. Typically, vacationing rolls back a little bit as workers settle back in for the remainder of the year. Pools start preparing to close. People tend to start preparing for the temperatures … Continue reading Improvements Galore! Tons of Work at Cedar Heights in the Month of August

Moving Company Options in Omaha

So, you’ve toured our property, filled out the application, and gotten approved for your new dream apartment. Well, what’s next? Some would say the most difficult part of moving, is MOVING. Packing up everything yourself, loading your items into a vehicle, transporting your items to your new home, and unpacking your items is A LOT … Continue reading Moving Company Options in Omaha

Pool Safety!

We’re in the middle of summer, and many people are utilizing the swimming pools that their apartment complexes provide. Pools can be a great way to relax and keep cool in the summertime, but it is important to keep in mind pool and water safety. It is very important that you wear sunscreen when you … Continue reading Pool Safety!