Mother’s Day Events in Omaha

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and if you’re not a planner, you may be scrambling around for some ideas.  Google “mother’s day ideas” and the results can be hard to sift through.  Plus, you always run the risk of seeing out to date information from years past.  We’ve tried to categorize some of the top … Continue reading Mother’s Day Events in Omaha

Severe Weather Procedures

Spring is the season for severe weather, so being prepared is key. If Civil Defense Sirens are activated or you are directed by apartment staff, please observe these SAFETY RULES: Proceed to the lowest level of your building as far away from windows as possible, or seek one of the storm shelters located at the … Continue reading Severe Weather Procedures

Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Earth day is a worldwide annual event to celebrate green living. There are so many things you can do to celebrate, but here is a list of our favorite things: Recycling. The easiest thing you can do to live a greener life is recycle! Unsure what you can recycle? Ask your property manager for the … Continue reading Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Support you Local Newspaper!

In the age of digital media, it is far too common to get your information from aggregates, blogs and electronic sources. It is almost exhausting to look up topics on any given event; hundreds to thousands of publications come up, all varying in degree of input and veracity. Along these lines, it is easy for … Continue reading Support you Local Newspaper!