New Year, New Look

With the New Year here and spring fast approaching, have you thought about switching up the décor in your apartment?

Here are a few rental-friendly décor ideas to help give your apartment a fresh, new look!

  1. Fabrics – You can use different prints and textures of fabrics to liven up a dull space. Window treatments, throw pillows and slipcovers can change the entire look of your apartment.
  2. Area Rugs – Use them to define a space or to add your own personal style. The perfect rug can add a pop of color and complete the space.
  3. Greenery – We’re talking real plants! There are many types of indoor plants that are low maintenance and can also add color to your space. Not to mention, they clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.
  4. Mirrors – Hanging a mirror in a smaller space makes the room appear larger. They reflect light and depending on the frame, can add tons of character.
  5. Art/Accessories – Canvas art is a great way to fill in an empty wall and add color. These pieces are typically inexpensive and you are sure to find a design to fit your personal style. We also recommend searching for small trinkets or antiques to create decorative displays throughout your space.

Here are a few of our favorite places to find home décor items:

Nebraska Furniture Mart

At Home


Tuesday Morning

Happy decorating!