New Summertime Hours at Villa Vinee’

We have converted back to our summertime hours, here at Villa Vinee’.    We will stop at nothing to get warmer weather here, including stretching our work day!!   Haha…  but in all honesty, as the days get longer, we need to be more accessible.    Our summer hours here at Villa are 8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday.   On Saturday, we are still open from 10am to 4pm.. no change there.   

If you live at another property, you may want to see if they have longer hours now, too.    Pacific Gardens and Peony Village will also have the same hours as Villa, so this should make it easier for residents to pick up packages, and pay rent in person.

If you are just visiting one of our properties, call ahead, as we can now take later appointments.   Hopefully this will bring warmer weather, too..  which is truly what we all wanted, right???

Have a wonderful week, from all of us at Villa Vinee’.