New Beginnings!

The start of the new year brings new ideas, resolutions, and lifestyles. Many resolutions start with taking the next step, or starting a new and exciting journey. For some of you this may mean moving into your own place, or moving in with a new roommate! Finding your new home is the easy part, when your first stop is Highclere Apartments! Our 1 and 2 bedroom apartments will be perfect for you, your roommates, cats, children, and so on. You will be so excited to get into your new home, you are bound to forget a couple of things. Let this handy checklist determine everything you need and want for your new home, and extra tips for new renters!



Whether you are looking alone or with roommates, let Highclere make this process easy for you. We love welcoming new residents to our community, and hope to meet you soon!