Moving Tips and Tricks

Everyone knows that moving can be fun yet stressful! With these simple tricks you will reduce stress and make the move a smooth process.

  1. Change your address with the postal office at least two weeks before moving to ensure there is no lapse in receiving mail. Don’t forget to change the address with other places like your bank, pharmacy, and insurance.
  2. Start packing early those items you know you won’t need until after you move. Utilize your luggage to move your clothes and save space in your boxes as they can be expensive! You can also keep items on a hanger and place a trash bag around the clothes and wrap the drawstring around the top of the hanger.
  3. Try labeling your boxes with different colored tape by each room. This also allows you to reuse the boxes down the road as it is easy to remove the tape and have a perfectly good box with no writing on it! Be sure to pack heavy items in smaller boxes so they don’t break.
  4. Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag since you most likely won’t have everything unpacked the first night you move in.

We hope these tips help and we can’t wait for you to call our apartment complex your new home! (For more tips see