Moving Company Options in Omaha

So, you’ve toured our property, filled out the application, and gotten approved for your new dream apartment. Well, what’s next? Some would say the most difficult part of moving, is MOVING. Packing up everything yourself, loading your items into a vehicle, transporting your items to your new home, and unpacking your items is A LOT of work. Sometimes, the best option is to have someone else do all the hard work for you! Here are three moving companies in Omaha that would love to take some of the stress off of you…and your back.

Firefighters on the Move: Firefighters on the Move is a full service moving company established in 2007 by two Omaha firefighters. They operate a fleet of well maintained 26’ straight trucks and have a dedicated group of employees. They operate a competitive rate of $126 per hour for two men and one straight truck. You can visit their website at:

Moving Made Smooth, Inc.: Moving Made Smooth, Inc. is a moving company where you rent the truck or storage container, and they take care of the rest! They get the men and the equipment ready for your move, including the boxes! Their reasonable rate is $170 for two men for two hours. More information on this company can be found:

MW Moving LLC: MW Moving LLC is a Nebraska born company whose goal is to be the best moving company on the planet! They strive on bringing good old-fashioned midwestern values and work ethic to their job every day. Their great local rate is $115 for one mover and a truck. For a quote for your move, visit:

Not only can Robert Hancock & Co. work with you to find your dream apartment, we can help you get there too!