May the 4th Be With You

For all of the Star Wars enthusiasts, today is your day! We’re sure many of our residents are making use of this rainy Monday to binge watch the movie franchise or just watching anything related to the series. We’re here to help  you maximize your movie experience in your apartment!

  1. Blankets and pillows are a must. We know our enthusiasts are in it for the long haul so gather all your blankets and pillows and move to the room with the biggest tv! Better yet, make yourself a fort with all the blankets. We believe we are never too old to have a fort plus there isn’t anyone around to judge, not that we would! Enclose the tv with the blankets as well to make it seem like you are at the movies. Make sure to close those blinds to make it darker in the fort.
  2. Snack, snacks, and more snacks. Popcorn, candy, cookies, pizza, soda! If it’s not good for you, you should have it. No movie watching experience is complete without the snacks and drinks.
  3. Friends! We know that we are still quarantining and need to gather in groups smaller than 10 but that doesn’t mean you can’t Facetime, Skype, or Zoom with your friends.  Movies are so much better when you share the experience. We’re sure you know someone who quote the movie just as well as you can.
  4. Customize your intermissions! Try to time your intermissions for in-between the movies. Nobody wants to pause a movie, especially during the exciting parts. Or if you must pause the movie, try to plan out the events so they aren’t during the lightsaber fight scenes.

We hope that these tips help you with your movie marathon. Practice your fort making skills to impress your friends for when we come out of this quaratine! Needing more space for your forts? We have two bedroom apartments that perfect for our fort builders! Call us at 402.393.1668 or email and let us help you find the perfect apartment for forts!