Making moving easy at these Shadow Lake Apartments!!

Moving can be overwhelming. No matter how much time you allow, it’s hard to keep track of everything. This moving checklist will help you reduce stress, keep track of loose ends and stay calm, cool and collected while moving into your new place.

Six to eight weeks before your move

  • Set upa moving file or notebook to keep all of your moving information in one place.
  • Make a moving decision…. Are you hiring someone or doing it yourself??
  • Do some research on the area you will be moving to and research local schools and community resources.
  • Check your current apartment lease to see how much notice you need to give to move out.
  • Finalize move-in details with your new apartment.
  • Contact your insurance company to arrange for renter’s insurance at your new apartment and set a date to cancel your current policy after you move out.
  • Start gathering moving supplies and moving boxes.
  • Give notice to your current apartment.

Four to five weeks before your move

  • Begin packing your belongings starting with the items you use less frequently.
  • Donate or throw away items you don’t need.
  • Hire movers or arrange to rent a moving truck for your move.
  • File a change of address with the United States Postal Service.
  • Call your utility providers and make arrangements to have your utilities canceled after you move out. Utilities to cancel may include phone, power, water and cable/satellite.

Two to three weeks before your move

  • Review your lease agreement to see what kind of cleaning is necessary when you move out.
  • Set up your utilities at your new apartment. Utilities to set up may include phone, power, water and cable/satellite.

The week of your move

  • Confirm appointments with cable or Internet services.
  • Clean your apartment and prepare it for the check-out process.
  • Confirm moving day details with your moving company or truck rental company.
  • Pack the essentials you will need shortly after you move in a Priority Box.
  • Pack the clothes, toiletries and personal items you will need in the days following your move in suitcases.

Moving Day

  • Finish any last minute packing, remembering to put any items you will need right away in your Priority Box.
  • Do a final check of your old residence making sure you aren’t leaving anything behind.
  • If you are leaving an apartment, sign any final paperwork, perform any necessary final walkthroughs and turn over your key. Get Make sure to give your former management company your new address so they know where to send your security deposit.

Still looking for that new apartment?

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