Making a Few More Splashes at Cedar Heights Apartments!

Be sure to take advantage of these nice days as summer is slipping away quickly! Our pool here at Cedar Heights will be open until Labor Day weekend. Residents, keep in mind you can bring along a guest to join in on the fun! Below are some help tips to keep you cool and safe over these next two weeks.

1. Get a capacious, easy to carry, waterproof bag to hold everything.

2. Make sure you have a swimming suit that is not too tight or too loose or if public, not too showy. Try it on and check beforehand. If you like swimming underwater or feel that you need them, make sure you have some good goggles that fit you. Put them in your bag. If you want to wear one, pack a swimming cap.

3. Get a good sized towel and put that in your bag.

4. If you want to shower after you come out of the pool, put soap and shampoo into your bag. Also, pack a hairbrush.

5. If you want, take a bottle of water or a snack for when you come out of the pool.

6. If you are taking things like your mobile phone that cant get wet, take them in a separate small bag, pockets of your clothes or a waterproof bag which you can put in your swimming bag.

7. If you are swimming in an out door facility, you may need sunscreen to prevent further skin damage.

8. It helps to do stretching exercises (5~10 minutes) before dipping into the pool. Minimizes muscle stiffening after several laps of swimming.

Happy Swimming Everyone!


Cedar Heights Apartments