Kicking off National Safety Month with awareness at our Council Bluffs Apartments!

June is National safety month!

The start of nice weather is a great time to think about safety. The upcoming warm weather draws people outside to enjoy outdoor sports, activities and events and just some R&R for summer goers.

The National Safety Council strives towards educating the public on topics such as prescription drug abuse, slip and falls, being aware of ones surroundings, emergency preparedness and summer safety.

A good safety tip to remember is to: Be aware of your surroundings!

There are a few things everyone can do to keep oneself and others safe. Most accidents around the home or workplace happen due to not paying enough attention. One must always be aware of the potential hazards which exist at every turn. Whether it is the kitchen range, water on the floor, a malfunctioning equipment or appliances or simply tangled wires in a corner, being aware should always be a top priority

For more information check out the National Safety Councils website on tips for your personal safety at home, work or on the road.