It Pays to Live at Villa Vinee!

What is better than living at Villa Vinee? Getting paid to live here of course! We have an exciting opportunity for our residents for the month of October only. We currently offer our residents a $100 bonus for referring someone to live but we want to make this deal even better. We are going to add a $50 gift card for Amazon to this offer. How does this work you may ask? Let us tell you!

Step 1) Have a friend or family member looking to move? Let us know! We just need you to give us their name before they contact us.

Step 2) When your friend or family contact us, make sure they let us know that you are the one who is referring them.

Step 3) They apply! Once we receive the application and all fees, you will receive your $50 gift card for Amazon regardless if they are approved, denied, or they decide to cancel their application.

Step 4) After your referral has officially moved in, you will receive a $100 check from us in the mail to spend as you wish! If your referral decides to change their mind and not move in, you sadly don’t receive the $100 bonus.

This offer doesn’t have a limit on it so you can refer however many people you want! Just remember that it’s only for the month of October. Call us at 402-393-1668 or email us at for more details!