If You Are Considering a Move To Omaha, Nebraska This Site Is For You!

Smack dab in the middle of America you will find Omaha, Ne.  When you make it to Omaha, we are not slouching off compared to other cities.  Let me tell you about it.  We don’t have LA’s traffic jams, crime, or its high percentage of sunshine days.  We don’t have New York’s traffic and crime.  We don’t have Chicago’s traffic and crime.  We are not crime free, and we are not traffic free, after all, we are a growing metropolitan area of 877,110 as of 2011 or 723,662 as of 2010 (per Census Bureau) even though the US Census has an estimate of only 518,777 for 2010 for the entire Douglas county!   Per the Nebraska Public Power District, Omaha city proper has a population of 408,958 as of 2010 or an estimate of 410,269 per the US Census.  We are the largest city in the state of Nebraska.  Together with Lincoln, the only other metropolitan city in Nebraska, we make up over half the population of Nebraska.  Omaha started as Omaha City in 1854 and incorporated as Omaha in 1855.  We haven’t stopped growing ever since.

Omaha is centrally located so we have our seasons.  Omaha’s temperature ranges from the sub-zeros in the winter to over 100 degree summer days.  Wind-chill and heat index means something in Omaha!  It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it gets, Omaha people are active.

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There are plenty of things to do in Omaha.  That is what this website is about, “What-to-do.”  In addition to leading productive business lives, we enjoy our off time.  From learning tidbits of our history to fun things to do, we have it for you, all entertaining.  Omaha has so many different ways to offer us recreation activities.   In winter months, we aren’t afraid to enjoy the snow from sledding in town to snowmobiles in rural areas.  The frozen ponds, lagoons, and park areas offer ice-skating and ice hockey.  Our colder periods only energize us to enjoy the warmer months even more.  We have lots of lakes and rivers nearby so there is no shortage of fishing, sailing, and boating opportunities.

Spring and summer means lots of outdoor sports activities, sightseeing, bird watching, shopping, and attending arts, entertainment, and celebration events, such as festivals, fairs, and even rodeos.  We have theatre, ballet, concerts, special shows, music in the parks, even Shakespeare in the parks.  When the weather cools back down, we support our favorite sports team by filling the stadiums, outside at the tailgate parties, or home in front of the big screen.

If you are new to Omaha, pick up an Omaha Weekly Reader paper and read about some of Omaha’s best.  Anyone that thinks there is nothing to do around Omaha hasn’t visited this site.  Look at all the choices that have further information on the web.  Read on, you will learn more about Omaha, its opportunities, and some of its curious and fascinating history. – Largest collection of graphic links for arts, entertainment, events, socializing, nightlife, and tourist attraction websites for Omaha and the surrounding area is getting rave reviews.  Extensive coverage on Nebraska attractions, and six surrounding states. Very useful for Omaha residents, tourists, potential convention planners, teachers, students, or anyone wanting to know all about Omaha.