How to be Prepared for a Tornado

April is Tornado Awareness Month!

Here at Pinhook Flats and the CUE, we want all of our residents to be safe. Therefore, we thought we would take a moment to remind everyone of steps you can take to be safe during inclement weather this spring.

First off, you need to know where to seek shelter. If you are a resident of Pinhook, you should gather in the garage, away from all doors. If you are a resident of the CUE, you should enter the shelter that is located in the garage.

Second off, you should know the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning. According to The National Weather Service, Watch means that conditions exist for the development of a tornado. Warnings are issued for areas where a tornado is imminent or has been detected on radar.

If a Tornado Warning is issued, you need to be prepared ahead of time. This is where a tornado survival kit will come in handy. You can pack the following items in a large water-resistant toolbox, so it is ready to go if disaster strikes:

  • Battery powered radio with extra batteries
  • A flashlight
  • Bottled water
  • Current prescription medications
  • A first aid kit

Additional helpful items might include blankets, a change of clothing for each member of the family (including shoes), toys for children, a deck of cards for entertainment, etc.

It is always best to be prepared for the worst! We wish you a safe spring season!