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Pinhook Flats was built on the grounds of glory and has kept the theme of The Aksarben Village Race Tracks history alive.   In one of the ways we have dedicated our premier apartment homes is by naming our floorplans using related racing phrases or names and here are what they have meant to the world of horse racing:


Barbaro, the winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby, is known not only for his racing accomplishments but also for his long and trying battle with an injury resulting from a race. In the years since his passing, both Sir Barton and the Leonard Richards Stakes were renamed the Barbaro Stakes.

Strike the Gold

As the winner of the 1991 Kentucky Derby, Strike the Gold also held the title of the oldest winner of the Kentucky Derby for 24 years.

Personal Ensign

Personal ensign is widely renowned for her amazing 13-week winning streak, which was unprecedented during her time. Even after her retirement, Personal Ensign received the 1996 Kentucky Broodmare of the year award.


Seabiscuit, the 1937 Triple Crown winner, is known for his remarkably small stature. Despite his size, he was voted the 1938 American Horse of the Year, and seen as a symbol of hope during the Great Depression.


Secretariat secured one of the best victories in horse-racing history when he beat opponents by 31 lengths (approximately 248 ft). Even after 40+ years since his Triple Crown win in 1973, Secretariat still holds speed records for multiple races.


Citation, during his racing career, is most notably famous for his 16 consecutive wins in high stakes competitions. He has also made headlines for being the first horse to ever win a million dollars.

Northern Dancer

Known as the first Canadian-bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby, Northern Dancer is truly an icon. Northern Dancer has been inaugurated into both the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame and the United States Horse Racing Hall of Fame.


Over his 3 years of racing, Affirmed won a total of 14 races in the high-class ranking. Affirmed also was the last horse to win the coveted Triple Crown for 37 years, until 2015.

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is not only a winner by merit, but also by blood. Silver Spoon is the Daughter of Triple Crown winner, Citation. In her first race, she beat her competitors by 6 lengths (approximately 48 ft.)


Omaha, a Triple Crown winner himself, is son to Triple Crown winner Gallant Fox. A memorial to Omaha is located in Stinson Park at Aksarben Village.

Winning Colors

Winning Colors is known as 1 of 3 young female horses to ever win the Kentucky Derby. After her retirement, Winning Colors produced 10 children, 6 of which would become champions just like her.


Unbridled was a powerhouse, accumulating 8 wins, 6 places, and 6 shows in 24 starts. Over his racing career, Unbridled earned a total of $4,489,475.