Holiday Tips for Apartment Living!

With just a few short days until Christmas, we wanted to share some helpful tips that can help you and your community this holiday season!

  1. Recycle: Highclere, like many other apartment communities, offer on-site recycling! It is a great and convenient option to “go green”. During this time of year, those bins start to become full more frequently due to boxes and packaging from Christmas shopping. At Highclere Apartments, we ask that residents dispose of their recycling if they notice that the recycling bin is full. If you do not want to dispose of these items, consider taking them to your local recycling center! The Hy-Vee on Broadway in Council Bluffs has a recycling center for cardboard, paper, glass, aluminum cans, and plastic.
  2. Christmas Trees: If you bought a real tree this Christmas, you may wonder what to do with it after the holiday season. At Highclere, we ask that residents bag their tree when taking it out of their apartment. The tree should be broken down into pieces and put into the dumpster. There are also recycling centers set up around this time of year for tree disposal.
  3. Holiday Parties: If you’re planning to have family over for the holiday, but don’t think your apartment will be big enough, see if your apartment community has a clubhouse you can rent out. At Highclere, our clubhouse rental fee is $50. We are currently charging an additional $75 cleaning fee to keep our staff safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our clubhouse has a kitchen equipped with a stove, microwave, fridge, and dishwasher. There is also ample seating room for all your guests!
  4. New Furry Family Members: If you have a family member you plan to gift a pet to, check with your apartment manager to see what the community’s pet policy is. At Highclere, we allow caged animals and up to two cats with pet rent and deposit. Before you find the pet, be sure to obtain the required paperwork and get any pet deposits submitted before selecting your new furry family member!
  5. Office Closings: Typically, your property manager will let residents know via email or social media posts when their office will be closing for the holiday. Be sure to make note of this in case you need anything from them before they close.

From all of us at Highclere Apartments, we wish you a happy and safe holiday!