History of Council Bluffs!

At Highclere Apartments, we are grateful to have the best views that Council Bluffs can offer. We overlook beautiful walking trails and shopping centers all while enjoying the clean-cut landscaping around the property. We love calling Council Bluffs home! Part of what makes this town unique is its ability to balance modern improvements with its rich cultural history.

Much like today, Council Bluffs was THE place to be in 1824. At that time, Council Bluffs was actually named Traders Point due to all of the continuous exchanging of animal hides, furs and dry goods- furthering the mercantile lifestyle that would continue into modern day. Traders Point was renamed Kanesville after Thomas Kane negotiated federal permission for the Mormons to use Indian Land.

Mormon settlers were set on westward expansion and only used the town as a stopping point but wound up making a huge historical impact. Brigham Young was elected President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Kanesville Tabernacle, replica of which still stands today! It is open as a visitor’s center and meeting hall, enjoyed by all residents of Council Bluffs. The Tabernacle was built in two and a half weeks by 200 volunteers and was the largest log structure in the entire world. Brigham Young succeeded in getting the first Post Office opened in Kanesville, busting communication lines wide open. When Mormon settlers continued west, Council Bluffs was granted its modern name from the Lewis and Clark expedition.

As we stated before, we love calling Council Bluffs home, but we also love knowing why we call it Council Bluffs!