Highclere Apartments Entered in the “Deck the Halls” Essay Contest!

One of our vendors for property management supplies is hosting an essay contest.  The rules:  “In 100 words or less, tell us why you feel your community should win a Holiday Marketing Prize Package!”  The prize package includes holiday decorations, gifts, signs, banners, candies and a whole lot more!  But 100 words or less does not leave very much room for description, so we put our thoughts into a little poem.  Maybe we’ll get points for creativity!  What do you think?

Our Highclere Community is as close as it comes                                                 Here, we are not individual units, but one

Most of our residents have been here five years or more                                You always know there is a friendly face waiting behind each door

We have a great turnout for each event that we host                                         It’s not the food nor the prizes, but the interaction they love most

Money off rent is no incentive to stay here                                                            It’s the personal touches we offer each and every year

We want to win and decorate our halls,                                                         Making Highclere the best community of all!