Great Employment Opportunities at Robert Hancock & Co. Apartments in Omaha

We are always looking for great team members here at Robert Hancock & Co.  As an employee of RHC for three and a half years, I’d like to share the reasons why I love working for this company and why maybe you would love it too. 

1.  We are a local company.  If I need to talk to any of the corporate office personnel, they are right down the street.  And they know my name.  And that my favorite color is purple.  Seriously, how many bosses know your favorite color? 

2.  We take pride in our properties.  We have vested ownership in all properties that we manage and have high standards when it comes to customer service.  It’s definitely not uncommon to see the higher-ups scooting through the properties on any given day.  Acutally, it is expected.

3.  This company empowers its employees.  We have company meetings, manager meetings and maintenance meetings on a regular basis to discuss topics and solve problems.  It’s extremely enjoyable and rewarding to work for a company that honestly values my input and takes my opinions  into consideration when making decisions.

4.  I am hands on at my job.  There aren’t any hidden secrets about my property that I’m not aware of.  I work on the budget hand in hand with the owners.  I get to coordinate capital improvements.  I get to have a say in remodeling apartments.  I get to choose what community events we host and when.  I don’t just sit at a desk, answer phones and show apartments.  I’m completely, 100% involved with continuing the forward progress of my property.

5.  I am learning new things constantly.  RHC provides me with opportunities to attend seminars, networking events and various classes to further enhance my knowledge in this industry.  By the end of the year, I will be an Accredited Residential Manager through the Institute of Real Estate Management.

6.  This company is interested in expanding.  And when it happens, promotions are usually from within.  In just a little over a year of starting at RHC, I had made my way from an assistant manager to manager of one of our largest properties.

I could go on, but I’m sure these reasons are enough to peak your interest.  RHC is currently hiring a full-time maintenance technician for one of our Omaha properties.  If you’re interested in a position other than that, go ahead and apply anyway!  We always like having qualified candidates in our hiring pool so that if the opportunity arises, we have some great options to pick from.

For more information on this position, please visit the bottom of our website and click on Employment, or contact our corporate office at 402.393.2210.

Lauren Orsi – Property Manager of Pacific Gardens Apartments