Garbage Disposal Tips & Tricks!

Garbage disposals – you don’t know how much you use yours until it breaks down! Below are some tips and tricks to help make sure you never go a day without your garbage disposal!

  • Break up large pieces before grinding them. Give your disposal a break and break up those large pieces of food before putting them down the disposal.
  • Use cold water when running your disposal. Try to avoid running hot water down your disposal, this could lead to oils and grease solidifying and clogging your drain.
  • Keep your disposal clean. Pour a small amount of dish soap down your disposal while running cold water after each use to keep your unit clean and fresh smelling.
  • Grind citrusy fruits to help with bad smells. Smelly disposal? Try grinding lemon or orange peels to help freshen up your disposal’s bad smell.
  • Grind ice cubes to help maintain your unit. Once a month, grind some ice cubes to help sharpen those blades.
  • Don’t use drain cleaners on your disposal. No Drano or other drain cleaners! If you have a clog in your disposal, place a work order!
  • Exercise caution when retrieving something from your disposal. If you drop something down your disposal, be careful! Make sure the disposal is unplugged & you use pliers or another tool to retrieve the item dropped.

Follow these tips and tricks to keep your disposal in great condition, your garbage disposal will thank you!