Fun February Holidays!

Hearts, candy, flowers, love. What do all of these things mean? We’ve made it to the month of February in 2021! After having blizzard winds and piles of snow, we though it was time to celebrate. While this is the month that is most commonly associated with, you got it, Valentine’s Day, there were those of us at Villa Vineé that thought it might be fun to break up your Monday by spotlighting some of the not-so-known holidays in February. While there are many holidays in February (who knew?!?), these are the ones that top our list:

We definitely found a few holidays we will be celebrating, like Ice Cream for Breakfast and Pizza Day. Actually, we’ll probably do all the food related ones, minus the International Dog Biscuit Day (though our pets would probably be a little upset if they didn’t get to participate)! We want to make sure they are properly celebrated and we would be doing them quite a disservice if we didn’t. However, would anyone really say no to having ice cream for breakfast? Especially with it being on a Saturday!

Even though Groundhog’s Day isn’t an unknown holiday, it’s still one we like to mention. We are getting excited and hoping the Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow! We are ready for this winter to be over!