Fun and Safe Activities to Enjoy in the Fall

The first day of autumn was September 22nd, which means that fall is officially here! Although your Halloween and autumn festivities may look a bit different this year, there are still a lot of great things you can do to enjoy the season!

Carving pumpkins is a great and safe way to celebrate! All you need is pumpkin, a carving kit, and a candle. There are lots of great designs to choose from on sites like Pinterest, and you can do it by yourself or with a group! If you are not too keen on the hard labor that carving requires, try painting your pumpkin instead. You can be just as creative with half of the mess!

Going on a hike is a great way to enjoy the weather as it cools off. If you are lucky enough to live around a nature trail, you can go and see all the trees change color! If you are a resident at Highclere Apartments, you are just a short six-minute drive away from Wabash Trace Nature Trail!

Baking is a great way to get into the fall spirit! Now that the weather is cooling off, more people are starting to use their oven’s more. There are lots of great recipes out there for apple pie and pumpkin bread. You can even roast those pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin you carved!

You can have a movie marathon. Whether you are a horror buff or like a good comedy, there is bound to be a great Halloween movie you will enjoy! Pop some popcorn and make it fun by adding Halloween themed candy to it to make your movie night extra special! What is so great about this activity is you can do it by yourself or make a night of it with your friends or family.

Although your Halloween season may look different this year, there are still lots of activities you can enjoy in the fall. We hope that everyone has a happy and safe fall and Halloween!