Fun Activities in Council Bluffs, IA

As summer dwindles down and pool season comes to an end, you may be wondering what you will do this fall to help pass the time and get out of the house. Council Bluffs offers a plethora of wonderful activities for everyone to enjoy!

  1. Pottawattamie County Squirrel Cage Jail and Museum. Looking for something spooky to do this fall? This unique jail was built in 1885 and is famous for its “Lazy Susan” style prison cells. There have been many reports of ghosts and poltergeists from this eerie historical building!
  2. Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. This 3,000-foot bridge is a great place to get some exercise and fresh air! It crosses over the Missouri River and you can actually stand on the Iowa/Nebraska line and be in both states at the same time!
  3. Pirate Putt. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do indoors, Pirate Putt is perfect! Their pirate themed mini golf course is fun to do by yourself or with a group. 18 holes costs $9.00 for adults and $5.50 for children!
  4. The Cryptic Room. Did you know that Council Bluffs has an escape room? The Cryptic Room was voted the #1 Omaha Escape Room! All of their escape rooms are private, and they offer five different themed rooms for you to “escape” from.