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This is the time of the year to start planning for our outdoor spaces to look beautiful again!! Listed below are some helpful tips for potted plants!  

Plants in pots offer several benefits over traditional in-ground plants.  The pots make the plants easily portable so they can be moved around onto porches, decks, and even inside the home.  In addition, pots allow you to grow plants that are not native to your temperature climate because you can easily move them indoors during cold weather.  Taking the time to properly prepare your plant pot will ensure that the plant remains healthy and thrives.


gravel, potting soil, vermiculite, garden spade (optional), water, and liquid fertilizer

1.) Purchase a pot with a diameter at least half the height of the plant that you are going to put into it.  For example, if the plant measures 12 inches tall, purchase a pot measuring at least 6 inches across the top.  Make sure that the container has holes in the bottom of it to allow for proper water drainage.

2.) Place a 1-inch layer of gravel into the bottom of the pot.  This further ensures that the plant roots do not sit in water, which wall cause them to rot.

3.) Combine 1 part of all-purpose potting soil and 1 part of vermiculite and mix well.  Fill the remainder of the pot with the mixture.

4.) Dig a hole in the center of the soil with your hands or a garden spade.  Insert the roots of the plant into the hole so it sits at the same level as it was in its previous container.  Fill in the hole with additional potting soil to completely cover the roots.

5.) Water the soil thoroughly until water runs out of the bottom of the pot.

6.) Apply a liquid plant fertilizer solution to the soil aroud the base of the plant, in the proportions recommended on the fertilizer package.

7.) Put your pot on a dish or mat and enjoy!


-If the plant is not fully grown, purchase a slightly bigger pot to allow for future growth.

-Apply liquid fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season.

-Instead of using gravel in the bottom of the pot, you can use Styrofoam packing peanuts.


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