Four Seasons Apartments is ready for Grilling Season!!

Grilling tips and policies:
The warm weather is finally here to stay and what better way to celebrate the warm weather then spending some time outside on our gorgeous grounds and grilling! Our property offers multiple community charcoal grills located throughout the property. We do not allow any charcoal, gas or wood pellet grills near the buildings or on the balconies.
Here are some tips on using our community grills safely:
• Be sure to clean and inspect the grill before cooking. Remove any leftover ash and clean your grate to ensure a proper cooking area.
• Stack the charcoal in a manner to ensure proper heat displacement across the surface.
• Do not overload your charcoal with lighter fluid this will can cause an uncontrolled flare up. 1 overall spray to soak the coals in and 1 small spray for ignition works best.
• Always have a bucket of water/ fire extinguisher just in case a problem arises.
When working with an open flame safety is important but don’t let that deter you from the rewards of cooking with charcoal. Here are some tips on cooking with charcoal to ensure optimum flavor out of the food you cook
• Be sure to have your meats and veggies defrosted or primarily room temperature before adding to the grill. This ensures even cooking
• Work in some aromatics, like Rosemary, Thyme or Basil wrapped in foil and butter and placed on the coals to steep. Adding flavors to your courses
• Basting and proper seasoning will keep your food moist and have a flavorful taste.
• Try to be patient and not overwork your food on the grill. This will keep your food being undercooked inside and charred on the outside.