Football Matters at Parkwood Manor

Husker Nation is ready for game day on August 31st. It’s time to dawn the Husker jerseys and have a good time watching the game with like minds. Nothing trumps the experience of being in Memorial Stadium, but if  watching it at a Bar & Grill is the only option that’s always just as good, if not better.

For one, your ears won’t hurt as bad the next day or you won’t be freezing in the stands. Instead you can enjoy it in a warm place with food and drink easily available.

Many places will be running specials for game day! I’ve compiled a list of some in the area that will be running game day specials for you to check out!

Big Red Keno – $3.25 domestic pints with a $8.99 French Dip with your choice side

DJ’s Dugout – $6.50 32oz Draught with Burger or Patty melt with fries for $7.99

Cunningham’s – $1 off all local beers and a 10.50 Cajun Salmon pasta special

Big Freds Pizza – Regular Daily Specials

Bogies – $8.95 Husker Breakfast

Lets start off this season fast, strong and of course responsibly!

Go Big Red!


“Know how to win and how to lose and be able to handle adversity.”

– Tom Osborne