Farmers Market in Omaha

As the weather starts cooling down, kids are going back to school and vacations are coming to an end. We start to get back into our same old routines. Wake up, work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Weekends are now riddled with house chores and getting caught up with the family before getting back into the week day grind. With the continued awareness to COVID-19 many people find themselves staying home more frequently and avoiding (or dreading) being in public. The farmers market in Omaha can help relieve some of the stress from going to the grocery store while also helping our local vendors and farmers. Omaha currently has two locations people can visit: Old Market and Baxter Arena.


On Saturday’s from 8AM to 12PM (the first hour reserved for the elderly, high risk, and expectant mothers), the farmers market is held on the second level of the parking garage on Jackson and 11th street in the Old Market. At this location, entry is limited to allow vendors and customers plenty of space to social distance. Be sure to get here early, as later on in the day you can see lines forming outside of the entrance. However, the lines give you a good chance to listen to the street musicians showing off their talents. Many vendors here accept credit/debit cards. For the vendors who don’t have the ability to accept cards, customers can have their cards ran by a volunteer and receive tokens to exchange for goods.


If Saturday’s don’t work for you, there is no need to fret. You have another chance to visit the farmer’s market at the Baxter Arena location on Sunday’s. Many of the vendors who are at the Old Market location also come to this one. The market is open from 9AM to 1PM. They are also following COVID guidelines and limiting access to keep vendors and customers safe. This location does offer an ATM at the entrance for those needing cash to buy goods.


You can visit this website to view which vendors will be where before arriving. Many vendors also accept orders during the week and will bring the orders to the farmers market for you to pick up. Saves a lot of people the disappointment of arriving too late and your favorite vendor being out of the one item you were looking forward to.


Both of these locations do ask that vendors and customers wear masks when they are there. They also ask that customers look with their eyes and wait for the vendor to pick up the items you are wanting to purchase.