Fall is Just Around the Corner at this Omaha Apartment

It’s starting to cool down here at Villa Vinee’.  The trees will be changing soon, temperatures will be dropping, and before you know it, winter will be here.    But it’s not quite autumn yet, so let’s discuss a few things you can do to help keep yourself from getting a huge utility bill.  

First, make sure that you aren’t running your A/C when the temperature starts dipping down in the 50 degree range overnight.   Keeping it running will add to your OPPD bill.   Be mindful of whether you are turning it off, or just leaving it on auto.   During the days, the temps may still get up there, so make sure you are monitoring your A/C and keeping your bill in check.   

Second, as it cools down, try not to run your furnace until you truly need it.   Remember, that you control your gas bill, and that any furnace use will add to that cost.   We will come in soon and change filters, so this will help with the efficiency of your system.

Hopefully, you can keep your bills down, but if you have questions, let us know.   David, our new Villa assistant, or myself can certainly help you out.   Come say hi to David, too!