Fall already?!

We are sad to announce that the pool is officially closed for the season. It seems that each year our pool becomes a more popular hit in our community! Everyday we saw our sparkling pool being used and we thank everyone for keeping it clean! Although the summer may be coming to an end, there are still many fun activities to do close to home. Check out the list below for exciting events happening right in Council Bluffs!

The Pioneer Garden in the Western Historic Trails Center will be open only until November 4th! This beautiful exhibit shows how early settlers grew their crops and how they got typical resources for day-day necessities. So many different types of vegetables are grown in this garden, it’s quite the sight to see! Did we mention it’s free admission?! Yet another reason to check out this oasis over the weekend.

The Great Inflatable Race! This event just sounds awesome. Taking place on Saturday, September 8th, Westfair Amphitheater will be holding a 3.5 mile “race” involving huge inflatable bounce houses! This obstacle course is designed for people of all ages and does not have a time limit. You’ll have all the time in the world to make it around this challenging course! Visit the website for prices and admission questions.

Ballroom Dance at the Senior Center on Wednesday’s! Every Wednesday night from 7pm-10pm, the Senior Center hosts a night full of dancing, singing, and getting to know other fellow dancers! We’ve had many residents tell us about how much fun this event and how many wonderful people they have met. They’re always happy to see new faces!