Exciting Updates at Villa Vinee

2020 is bound to be Villa Vinee’s best year yet! Along with renovating our leasing office (which started today), we are going to be doing a small remodel of our fitness center. We want our residents to have the best, so after a quick inspection, we knew the fitness center needed some tender love and care. Here’s a quick glance at what we have planned.

Starting March 2nd, we will be closing the fitness center to take out some outdated equipment. Then we will have our painter come in and spruce up the space with a fresh coat of paint. The color is yet to be decided, however, we did hear a lot of requests for a soothing blue. During this process, we will also be updating the bathroom and closet area with better lighting, new paint, and a new vanity. We also plan on moving the bathroom door to the other side of the closet to add more privacy and open the closet space to other residents use while in there.

Once the painting is done, our flooring team will go in and tear out the old carpet. They will then install a foam vinyl for the complete gym experience. All that’s left is the new gym equipment! We have ordered a new elliptical, bike machine, and weight trainer which is scheduled to arrive on March 10th.

All in all we are only planning on the fitness center being closed no more than 2 weeks. We hope with the new equipment and small improvements, our residents will get in the mood to get their hearts going and keep up with their New Year Resolutions.