Enjoying the Great Indoors – Ways to have fun while being inside!

It is a sad reality that we are just heading into the beautiful portions of Spring, while also facing uncertain times. Rather than dwell on this fact, we here at Pacific Gardens would like to find fun ways to recommend filling your time while you and your love ones are staying home. Take a look at some of our neat suggestions to see what will work best for you! Just because we are cooped up does not mean that we can’t have a little fun!

  • Make a game night: This is a really great idea for the families or persons with multiple people in the same space out there. Dust off those old board games and set aside a night for some friendly competition. If you are by yourself, or are not a particularly competitive group, find a great puzzle to do, or work together in a crossword (or anything similar). If you do not have enough games, or have no games to do this with, feel free to make them up! Make a scavenger hunt, create a fun race with twists and turns, or think of something to keep you engaged. Anything like this helps to shake the boredom.
  • Get back to reading: Crack open those books, newspapers, websites, etc.! What is a more honorable way to support the indoor life than to learn and to grow? Review any media you can; enjoy a novel you haven’t read yet, keep up on the news, or read up on a new hobby or skill. Get back to reading!
  • Adapt to indoor exercising: For those that are just trying to get back into fitness, or for those that are regulars at the gym, right now may be a little discouraging. However, it is important to note that the ability to stay healthy and exercise is not out of the question. We recommend going online to look up simple exercise schemes that can be done with body weight, or with light weights. We have seen a lot of people working out at home, and we know that you can do this as well!
  • Take time for online conversations: Even though it is important to avoid large social situations, this does not mean that you can no longer talk to the ones you love! Create a day or several to set up a call, a Zoom meeting, a Skype conversation… anything that can get you all back together. Being with these people will remind you that we are not alone, and that there are still plenty of ways to connect and engage.

We would like to stress that it is not impossible to make time outside, either. While avoiding social gatherings, you can still:

  1. Go on runs/walks in this wonderful weather.
  2. Stargaze.
  3. Garden or maintain your yard.
  4. Simply take in the fresh air…

Among a bunch of other things! We love to look on the bright side of things, and there are still many ways to stave off boredom and maintain a little time for fun until our lives return to normalcy. Most importantly, it is imperative that we always let those we care about know that we are thinking of them. Love and kindness are the real deal, everyone!


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