Enjoying that Last Bits of Summer at These Aksarben Apartments!

Where does time go? With summer almost over, we are still scrambling for ways to stay cool in the sweltering sun.  The temperature outside is reaching its peak so pool parties with friends are the perfect way to beat the heat and take some time to enjoy our lives.  Take advantage of that pool time, as they too like summer, will soon come to a close.  As kids, I remember the adults talking about how fast that time flew bye. Of course as a child, time seems to go S-L-O-W-L-Y…..  especially when you’re waiting for cool things like your birthday, Christmas, or a new puppy.

Well, with all the whining that occurred throughout the winter, summer arrived in all its splendor with some heat packing with it. As I looked at the calendar this morning, I realized it was already August 26th, almost the end of the month. School supplies are in the stores, summer clothes are on sale and being replaced by fall fashion. The street departments and private contractors are finishing up road projects as quickly as they can as the impending deadline of a change of weather approaches.  Everyone has deadlines —  to do’s that need to become to-da’s! I know, everyone is different…. from what you wear, to what you eat – everyone has their own style and taste. Just like their interest in their apartment living! Have you found that new apartment home yet?! Well, here at Pinhook Flats we may have exactly what you’ve been looking for! Come turn your to-do’s into to-da’s today!