Do you have a great idea for an event? Omaha’s Peony Village Apartments wants YOUR ideas!

Peony Village Apartments in Omaha has begun hosting Community Hour events with residents in order to come together as a group, mingle, and most importantly have fun!    In the past, the complex has organized a resident Holiday party, a Safety Seminar, a pool party, contests, and more.  A lot of the events involve food and/or prizes provided by the complex, neighborhood sponsors or brought in by residents as a potluck.  There is usually a theme to the events as well, whether it is around a holiday, game night, news story, or just a discussion topic relevant to the community as a whole.

“We’ve been seeing great turnouts for our most recent events,” says the Property Manager of the complex.  “The residents really seem to enjoy them and we plan to have more in the future.”

Peony Village Apartments would like to get more ideas on topics or themes for Community Hour events from residents and those in the community.  If you have a good idea for an event, please send your ideas to the management office or post them to our Facebook page at