Council Bluffs Public Library Near Highclere Apartments Will Be Hosting Fun Events This Coming Weekend!

Calling All Highclere Residents! Calling All Highclere Residents!

If you’ve come up to the clubhouse recently, and found that you’ve scavenged through most of our library here, head on down to the Council Bluffs Public Library this coming weekend! While you’re there searching through some new findings, be sure to check out the slew of events going on! Whether your toddler needs some lego time, your teenager wants to be a rebel and join in on a stupid-cupid party, or maybe you want to relax and watch The Lone Ranger with some free popcorn. . . . you’ll see your day fly by with all that the library has to offer! (See the link below for date/time of events)

***Residents, remember the clubouse is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  Monday – Friday.  It’s always ready with coffee, cookies, books, and puzzles. Be sure to stop in once and a while and let us know how things are going!