Highclere Apartments experiencing a rather warm winter so far…..

         How unusual is this warm weather?

Whereas in 2010 December days were most frequently in the 30s, in 2011 the 50s had been most common. And again this year, on these official days of winter… temperatures have again reached 60 degrees, some 15 degrees above average. Everyone knows it has been warm, but just how warm?

 Consider the following about the month’s temperatures:

          * We’ve had more days with highs in the 60s than in the 40s.

          * We’ve had zero days with highs in the 30s or colder

          * Highs in the 50s have been most frequent

          * The average temperature is running five degrees above normal for the month

Last winter was our fourth warmest winter in the United States…. Maybe this year we will achieve this again! Check out this Climate Progress website! 

In 2012, we may slip a few spots. In general, though, temperatures should be milder than average for the rest of the year. I’d estimate 2012-2013 ends up somewhere in the top 10 warmest winters.  Some people love the cold weather, but I am not one of them…. Should I thank Global Warming?!

Don’t let the warm weather fool you though, we are still in the Christmas Spirit over here at Highclere. Come join us at our annual Christmas Party which will be Tuesday, December 18th from 5pm-7pm at the Clubhouse. Invite your friends and family… they are welcomed too! Bring your favorite side dish or dessert, we will provide some food, but more never hurts!!

Bring food to donate for our Holiday Food Drive for the Salvation Army… Tis the Season of giving, and keeping the spirit alive!!