Congratulations to Highclere Apartment’s Chili Cook-Off Winners!

We had a fantastic turnout for our Halloween Chili Cook-Off!  Between our apartments and townhomes, we estimated close to 50 friends in attendance.  We had six chilies compete and the top three awards were determined by our panel of judges.  To make the judging fair, our panel consisted of people outside of the Highclere community to ensure that truly the best chili won.  It was a close call, with 1st and 3rd place being separated by only one point!  We also gave the attendees a chance to vote for their favorite and gave out a People’s Choice Award. 

Big thanks to our judges: 

Jeremy:  Highclere’s mailman who also brought along his three children

Kelly:  Property Manager at Robert Hancock & Co.’s Peony Village and Parkwood Manor Apartments in Omaha

Robben:  Wife of Highclere’s maintenance tech, Robert

Scott:  Boyfriend of Highclere’s Property Manager, Lauren

And of course, congrats to our winners:

1st place:  The Rath of Roth

2nd place:  Baby, She’s HOT!

3rd place:  Jack’s Special Chili

People’s Choice:  Yummy for the Tummy

Other entries were awarded participation prizes:

To Die For

Four Seasons Chili Palooza:  A Year Long Party in your Mouth

Winners have bragging rights for a whole year.  Will someone be able to take over the title?  We’ll have to wait till next fall to see!