Clean, Cost Effective, Quality Apartment Homes right in the Heart of Omaha!!

Spring is a time for change and that is no different for the rental business. We have homes for every situation and income level.  View our properties and find your new home today! We are a team of dedicated professionals that are committed to maintain a comfortable residential environment and dedicated to provide clean, cost effective, quality apartment homes!

It’s that magical time of year, the time when you can count the number of classes left with that dull philosophy professor on one hand, but it’s still
early enough to keep procrastinating the final paper. Summer break is only a few short weeks away and there’s just one roadblock: you have nowhere to live. If living on campus isn’t for you, than one of our several Robert Hancock & Co. Properties is! Do some planning before you start your search and come up with a budget for rent, decide if you need the room to be furnished, and think about whether you want to share a bedroom, how many roommates you’d like to have, and if you want to live with girls or guys.

Apartment hunting takes persistence, but just think of how happy you’ll be spending the whole summer on your own! Good luck!