Celebrating Martin Luther King Day at these Omaha Apartments

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy.   Some people got the day off from work, as banks are closed, and other Federal offices observe the holiday, as well.    Most schools are in session, but it’s a good day to reflect on our differences and what he meant to this country.  Without MLK, we may not have the fair housing standard that we do today that makes it possible for people of all creeds, colors, races, genders, sexual preferences, and ages to obtain housing in a fair and practical manner.    The Fair Housing Act of 1968 was passed one week after the murder of King.

Here is more information about that act:

We can all thank Martin Luther King Jr for discrimination free housing today.   Robert Hancock and Co. and all its properties are proud to serve everyone and follow fair housing practices.   Happy home hunting everyone.