Car Wash At These Omaha Apartments

Here at South Park Apartments, we have opened up our annual summer car wash station! You cannot say “car wash” without the funky beat and lyrics by Rose Royce’s song “Car Wash” playing in your head… so bring your stereos and your suds down to the old pump house and give your vehicle a bath. Between paying for the car wash, plugging quarters into the vacuums and hardly seeing a difference, gas station car washes can get pretty pricey with a mediocre outcome. Why not soak up the sun and wash your car in the comfort of your own community? Whether your car just needs some sprucing up after a few summer thunder storms or you just went down too many “roads less traveled”, we have you covered. We provide the hose and shade, you provide the car and the soap.

“(Workin’) At the car wash/ Workin’ at the car wash, girl/ Come on and sing it with me (Car wash)/ Sing it with the feelin’ ya’all (Car wash, girl) Ooh!”