Calling All Chocolate Lovers!!!

Today some of the Shadow Lake team members traveled across the street to the Shadow Lake Towne Center to take care of a few sweet tooth cravings. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the quaint and charming Chocolaterie Stam which features fine European Chocolates, Bonbons, Gelato, and Coffee.  This shop also features a nice seating area where you can grab a board game off of the shelf and hang out for a while.  On our visit, we were lucky enough to receive some free chocolate bar coupons with a $10.00 purchase! Residents, be sure to swing down to the clubhouse and grab a coupon while they last! If you need any sugary and sweet suggestion on the Gelato, Corissa can give you some great details about the tiramisu. Laura, on the other hand, devoured some European Chocolates including pecan clusters, chocolate truffles, and a dark chocolate bar. We can’t help but be quite envious of the Shadow Lake Square Apartment residents for having such wonderful and convenient shopping and dining selections right across the street!


For more information on Chocolaterie Stam, check out their Facebook page.

For a directory of other shops at Shadow Lake Towne Center click the link below: