Benefits to Having a Roommate (Or Two)!

We know that everyone dreams of having a place of their own, but there are many great advantages to sharing a space!

Rent and Utility Costs

At Pacific Gardens, our lowest cost one bedroom apartment leases for $660/month with additional costs for electricity, water/sewer, and internet/cable. We offer three bedroom options between $875 and $1070/month. With three occupants equally sharing rent, your rent could be just $291.67-$356.67/month. That’s a huge savings even before utilities! Factoring in shared utilities increases your savings. You may have slightly larger bills overall, but divided three ways the cost per person is still lower than carrying that utility burden solo. And internet/cable costs are the same no matter how many occupants are in the apartment. Sharing that cost could maybe give you that extra room in your budget to splurge on more channels or higher internet speeds!

Furniture, Household Items, and Food

Instead of having to own every single household item necessary to enjoy your apartment, you could own just a fraction. Maybe you have a couch you love, a toaster, and a shower curtain, but your friends have a huge TV, dining table, and a full chef’s toolkit. You could combine forces to have an excellently furnished apartment with no one having to break the bank!

And, there is always the opportunity to cut food costs. Sometimes it can be hard for one person to make it through milk and produce before it goes bad, but you could share some groceries as roommates. Things like spices, flour, oil, and sugar are great to split as well! And it’s easy to get tempted to try a new online recipe, and it’s great to be able to share your , so leftovers don’t get left behind.

Social Perks

For every roommate horror story, there is a success story with roommates becoming lifelong friends. Even if your roommate isn’t your best friend, it is always nice to have someone to chat with after a hard day at work, or worry about you when you don’t arrive home at your usual time.


Pacific Gardens offers a great opportunity to share space with a couple roommates and save major money. Our three bedroom apartments offer ample communal living space and most have one and a half bathrooms. We would love to show you how comfortable, convenient, and cost-saving having a roommate can be! Call (402-391-7217) or email ( for more information.