Benefits of Rental Living

Some Benefits of Rental Living-

  1. No Down Payment –     Deposit is much less than home down payments, all or some of the deposit is generally refunded at end of lease
  2. Maintenance fees included-  Landlord covers cost of repairs or upgrades, outdoor maintenance and lawn care, snow removal is also included
  3. No Property tax- Property tax is charged based on home value and can be thousands of dollars per year
  4. Lower Utility costs- Newer appliances or compact floor plans can offer better efficiency and conserve energy
  5. Flexibility- only be tied to the home for the length of the lease, easy to move on if you have a growing family or new job
  6. Less expensive insurance- Rental insurance is more affordable than homeowner policies
  7. No Market Concerns- Shield yourself from the ups and downs of the real estate market, no risk of losing investment if property values fall
  8. Amenities- Renters often have access to pools and fitness centers and are included in rental costs
  9. Easy Budgeting- Rental rate stays static for the life of your lease, adjustable rate mortgages and property taxes can fluctuate

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