Balcony Do’s and Don’ts

Being quarantined with nice weather, many of Villa’s residents can be seen preparing their balconies with new furniture and decorations. While we love to see our residents relaxing outside, we do want to remind everyone what we do and don’t permit:

  • DO – Please feel free to have plants on your balcony. We just ask that you have some sort of protection under them to prevent dirt and water staining your balcony or leaking to any other balcony. Residents are responsible for any water or material falling from the balcony area or damage done to the balcony.
  • DON’T – We do not allow any signage, flags, or banners to be displayed from the balcony.
  • DO – Hang outdoor decorative lights that correlate with the appropriate season.
  • DON’T – Please don’t store your bicycle or motorcycles on the balconies. We have bike racks and garages available for those needing additional space.
  • DO – Relax on your balconies with lawn or patio furniture. Please avoid having any indoor furniture outside.
  • DON’T – Please avoid hanging clothes, storing/keeping shoes, or storing trash/recycling. We have lockers available to rent if you are needing additional space. Also don’t have any bird or animal feeders on the balconies as this can cause unwanted pest issues.

While we can’t cover every instance, please use your best judgement. When in doubt, feel free to call or email us to ask what you can and can’t have.

We also have a few two bedroom apartments opening up in June that have balconies for those who are wanting more space and sunlight in their life. We would love to give you a virtual tour or send you pictures. Call us at 402-393-1668 or email us at for availability!