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Maintaining Your Appliances

With Spring quickly approaching, a lot of people are getting ready to do their yearly chore of Spring Cleaning. We have found a couple of tricks to help maintain your clean household through out your year while also keeping your appliances around for as long as possible. We also hope some of these tips will help reduce, or even eliminate, having to call a specialty service company or a housekeeper.

  1. Garbage Disposal – Did you know that even if you don’t use your garbage disposal it can still get clogged? If you don’t use it very often, make sure to run cold water down it once a week to maintain it. If you do use it on a consistent basis, make sure to avoid putting certain foods like leftovers, grease, stringy fruits and vegetables, bones, egg shells, and fruit rinds. It’s a common myth that egg shells and lemon rinds sharpen blades. The membrane in egg shells can actually clogged up your disposal while lemons can twist the blades causing them to get caught on each other. Also make sure that nothing non-food related gets put down there either.
  2. Stove/Oven – One of the hardest things to clean in the kitchen is the oven. Things can get burnt on bottom the oven causing your house to have a lingering smoke haze after you open it. To avoid smoking your family out of the house, do a self clean on the oven consistently and wiping up spills after it cools. For the stove top, consider covering the top with foil when making those super messy meals. It will make clean up a breeze! Also make sure you frequently wipe down the stove top to avoid burnt on food and possible fires if you have a gas stove.
  3. Dishwasher – Many times they don’t need much maintenance. However, with little usage the seals can dry up and crack causing your dishwasher to leak. Make sure to run the dishwasher frequently so the seals don’t dry out.
  4. Refrigerators –  Refrigerators need very little maintenance as well. Most just need the coils on the back dusted and the drip pan underneath vacuumed out.
  5. Washers/Dryers – Doing the biggest laundry load possible is always the goal but make sure you aren’t over filling the washer. Overfilling the washer can cause the belts and motor to become damaged. Also doing small loads allows the detergent to work properly getting the clothes cleaner.

Keep these tips in mind to keep your appliances around for the long haul!

Exciting Updates at Villa Vinee

2020 is bound to be Villa Vinee’s best year yet! Along with renovating our leasing office (which started today), we are going to be doing a small remodel of our fitness center. We want our residents to have the best, so after a quick inspection, we knew the fitness center needed some tender love and care. Here’s a quick glance at what we have planned.

Starting March 2nd, we will be closing the fitness center to take out some outdated equipment. Then we will have our painter come in and spruce up the space with a fresh coat of paint. The color is yet to be decided, however, we did hear a lot of requests for a soothing blue. During this process, we will also be updating the bathroom and closet area with better lighting, new paint, and a new vanity. We also plan on moving the bathroom door to the other side of the closet to add more privacy and open the closet space to other residents use while in there.

Once the painting is done, our flooring team will go in and tear out the old carpet. They will then install a foam vinyl for the complete gym experience. All that’s left is the new gym equipment! We have ordered a new elliptical, bike machine, and weight trainer which is scheduled to arrive on March 10th.

All in all we are only planning on the fitness center being closed no more than 2 weeks. We hope with the new equipment and small improvements, our residents will get in the mood to get their hearts going and keep up with their New Year Resolutions.

Villa Vinee Offices Getting A New Look

Living at Villa Vinee has just gotten better! As the new year begins, the Villa Vinee office is expecting some major changes coming to the office. We are looking to provide our residents with a better sense of privacy when visiting our office as well as a bigger sense of pride.

While the starting date has yet to be decided, we have slowly started rearranging the offices to accommodate the upcoming construction work. Our residents have already started reaping the benefits as they no longer have to come the office to reload their laundry cards. Many of them have started using the app, PayRange, to pay for laundry. Even though we miss seeing our residents weekly, we’re happy that they are able to do laundry as they please.

We have also started moving furniture around in the office to better ease into the transition of construction. We no longer have a waiting area but that doesn’t mean we are lacking with comfortable seating areas or refreshments. When visiting the office, please feel free to lounge on the couch when talking with us or ask for a fresh cup of coffee. The managers are always happy to share their freshly made coffee (or hot tea) with visitors.

Construction on the leasing offices with be divided into phases. Phase I will be the leasing offices themselves. The assistant manager and manager offices are going to be moved to different parts of the house, with the assistant manager getting the biggest upgrade. They are looking at adding some more windows, making it more inviting while also giving the manager areas for more personal conversations. This part will happen in shifts by working on one part of the leasing office at a time.

Phase II will be coming in the future. While no plans have been made concrete, there has been a discussion of adding a clubhouse to the leasing office. We have heard from a few residents who are excited about this change and added amenity. We are hoping that by adding a clubhouse we can further show appreciation to our residents by throwing more events for them.

We always appreciate feedback from current residents, so please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming renovations. We also hope this will make our property more inviting and allow us to add more residents to Villa Vinee family.

Keep Your New Year Resolutions

“New Year, New Me!” With the new year around the corner, you can guarantee someone you know will be saying this. A gym membership will be bought, new diet plan made, new clothes hanging in the closet as inspiration, hair appointments made, resumes updated, and money going down the drain. One of the hardest things to do is keep those resolutions we make at midnight knowing the next morning we aren’t going to want to get out of bed after the long night of celebrating. This is when the trusty old excuses come around: “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start first thing Monday morning.” And when those days come, they get pushed to another day and before you know it, you’re getting ready to start the new year with the same old resolutions. So this year try a new some new techniques:

  1. Set  realistic goals – Losing weight is a common goal that typically leads people to get gym memberships and start intense diets that most people fail to keep up with a week or two into it. If losing weight is a goal you want to achieve, try taking small steps at first like just changing bad eating habits. Replace these with healthier habits like eating more fruits, eating smaller meals throughout the day, or cooking at home more. If going to the gym is your goal, don’t force yourself to do the hardest workout you can. Sometimes the hardest part is just going. Even just walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week is a huge improvement over not going at all. After you form better habits, can start adjusting to what you want your end goal to be.
  2. Share your goals – Talk to someone who can help hold you accountable for keeping your goal. More people tend to keep their resolutions when they know someone is keeping them accountable. This doesn’t always have to be a friend or family member. Try joining a group of other people trying to do the same thing. They can help cheer you on as you achieve your goal and support you at the same time when things get hard.
  3. Have a deadline – Give yourself a timeline of when you want to achieve certain goals and make them attainable. If losing weight is your goal, giving yourself a couple months to lose weight is realistic versus losing a bunch of weight in January. By setting attainable goals you can accomplish, you are more likely to keep up with them versus setting unreachable goals and getting disappointed when they don’t happen.
  4. Be prepared by setbacks – Can’t make it to the gym for a week? Ate some dessert one night? Don’t be discouraged by this. Sometimes life gets busy and hectic where you just don’t have the time to get to your resolution, but this doesn’t mean that you give up. You can always pick up where you left off. Everyone is entitled to a small setback and these can actually help you attain your goal. By having the setbacks, they can give you more motivation to do better in the future.

New year resolutions can be tough but with a positive mindset, a support system, and a willingness to work towards the goal, they can be achieved. Any habit can take a minimum of 21 days to form and another 90 to make it permanent. Give yourself time to achieve your goals and you are bound to be a success!

“Fur”ever Friends Available at the Humane Society

Are you looking to add a fur baby to your family this season? Don’t want to be alone for the holidays but don’t have the space to add a person to your home? The Nebraska Humane Society is having a sale for their cats this holiday season. Any cats that are 6 months and older will have their fee waived. Cats 6 months and younger are $75. Can’t decide on one kitten? Luckily you don’t have to decide. You can get them both for the price of one!

Be sure to follow the Nebraska Humane Society on Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye out for any new additions.You are guaranteed to find one that will fit your home. All cats that are adopted are spayed / neutered, have a microchip, have updated vaccinations, and flea / tick preventative. The Humane Society updates their website regularly.

Not sure you are ready for a cat? The Humane Society also has small caged animals looking for homes. From mice, hamsters, and gerbils to birds, snakes, and even the occasional pot-bellied pig. Full listings on their website All animals have prices listed by their pictures.

Once you find your new pet(s), be sure to let the office know. We allow up to two cats per household and only charge $20 per cat! Our deposit fee is low and refundable upon move out.  Talk to the office today for more details if you are wanting to get a cat or small caged animal. Don’t spend another year alone. Find your “fffurrrrr”iendly new companion today!


Move Before Winter Hits

With Nebraska weather, we can never know what to expect in the winter months. We have been lucky so far and not receive has much snow as we did last year around this time. We know that moving in the winter can be a huge hassle that many people like to avoid. However, it seems like we have a few more days of great weather with no snow in the forecast that would be prefect for moving into a one bedroom at Villa Vinee.

Villa Vinee has a one bedroom that is available for immediate move in. This one bedroom is located on the third floor and comes with a balcony. For those who enjoy natural lighting, this unit would be perfect for you.

You can expect to have plenty of room for hosting your holiday parties as this unit is 750 square feet. With a spacious living room, you will have adequate seating for your guests. You would also have space for a dining room table to hold the homemade goodies you have made in your galley style kitchen. A special feature in this kitchen would be the griddle that comes on your stove. Our units also include a microwave, refrigerator, garbage disposal, and a dishwasher to help clean up the after party mess.

Other special notes about this unit, there is a ceiling fan in the bedroom to help keep the apartment cool in the summer and regulate the heat in the winter. We also have wood floors in the kitchen and bathroom areas and carpet in the living room and bedroom for additional comfort.

Perks with living at Villa Vinee would include access to our pool in the summer time, the fitness center, quarterly tenant events with chances to win prizes, and on-site parking. Call our leasing office at 402.393.1668 or email us at to schedule an appointment. These units go quickly so make sure to get in before it’s gone!

Exploring the Metro Area for Winter Activities

In Nebraska you never know what to expect for weather. We have been fortunate enough to get a warm spell for the week but soon enough the cold weather will be settling in giving us our first taste of cabin fever for the season. It can be tough to entertain yourself, or little ones, when confined to the indoors because of cold weather. There is only so much Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime a person can watch. Luckily, being a resident in the metro area means there are plenty of the places to see and visit during the cold season.

  1. Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium –  The world renowned zoo isn’t just a summertime attraction. It offers many indoor attractions including the Rainforest, Desert Dome and Aquarium. Many of the other exhibits are open as well including the cat complex, ape house and the Madagascar exhibit. Winter is a great time to walk through the animal kingdom at a leisurely pace. Also, take advantage of the IMAX theater.
  2. Lauritzen Gardens and Conservatory – Omaha’s botanical garden offers a wide range of flowers and plants. The conservatory houses plant and flower life in tropical and temperate climates while the garden offers a variety of events. In the winter season, they have a 20-foot-tall poinsettia tree, extended hours to show case the beauty of the gardens in lights, and an art exhibit inspired by the natural world.
  3. Durham Museum – Visit Omaha’s unique, days-of-past, Union Station. With them continually changing exhibits and events, it is unlikely you’ll visit the same thing twice. During the cold season, they have multiple events for those with and without little ones including Family Night with Santa, Holiday Cultural Festival, “Noon Year’s Eve” Celebration and a Music Trivia Nights for Adults Only.
  4. Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum –  Get out of town for the day and drive to Ashland to visit this educational and exciting museum. They offer tours, flight simulators and a children’s learning center. They also host a variety of events including lectures, dances and dinners, and indoor air shows.
  5. Hollywood Candy –  A shop in the Old Market that not only sells candy but offers vintage soda flavors. They possibly house the world’s largest collection of Pez Dispensers. They also sell vintage records albums and have an old-fashioned malt shop. Definitely a site to see and a great way to give into your sweet tooth. You never know what you might find.
  6. Joslyn Art Museum – This is the perfect place to go if you are looking to save some money but need out of the house. With free admission, you enter a new world. Joslyn Art Museum houses art from all over the world, old and new. They also offer art classes for all ages and a mentoring program for teens wanting to grow in their artistic skills.
  7. Omaha Culinary Tours – Food, wine and beer. A little something for everybody. You can choose a walking tour or a bus tour. The bus tour will take you all over Omaha. Choices include but are not limited to: a classic steakhouse tour, brews and bites tour, slice of Omaha pizza tour, and a Nebraska wine tour. You can also break a tour down to a location in Omaha in the East, West or Mid-town.

Omaha offers many more opportunities perfect for winter time to keep the blues away. Explore the Metro area this winter and get to know your town!

Planning a Thanksgiving Dinner in Your Apartment

Consider these tips when planning your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner this year.

  • Use a folding table – You can use a simple table cloth to cover it. No need to put it out until it’s time to eat and easy to take down when the meal is over.
  • Make it a potluck and/or buffet style – Have your family and friends help pitch in and make their favorite recipes to share with the group. Keep the food in the kitchen or use the folding table for the buffet line.
  • Make use of the seating you have– No need to go overboard on cramming chairs into your apartment. Most of the time, people are wanting to roam around and socialize before the meal. Extra chairs may get in the way of the socializing. If kids are going to be attending the meal, lay down an old sheet or towel and call it a picnic. If they make a mess, you can easily just put the sheet or towel in the washer.
  • Plan for an early/later meal – Planning a meal for earlier or later in the day can mean making less food for the crowd. Try doing a brunch like Thanksgiving meal to have lighter fare and allow people to travel in the daylight. If wanting to do a later meal, consider doing it later evening around 6 PM. Guests will have probably eaten lunch and maybe even a small snack. This could mean less sides and desserts to make.
  • Prepare the food ahead of time – Wash and cut vegetables the day before. Figure out which dishes could be cooked or baked the night before and reheated the next day. This can create more space in the oven or on the stove the day of.


For those who are looking for a new place to host their Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner, Villa Vinee has apartments ready for the holiday season. Our one bedrooms have spacious living rooms to accommodate your family and friends. Call us today at 402-393-1668  to secure your new home for the holidays!

New Metro Bus Stations Near Villa Vinee Apartments!

The Omaha Metro bus system is getting a major face lift. Starting today the Omaha Metro will begin construction on the new ORBT (Omaha Rapid Bus Transit) line stations! The crews start digging in the westbound lanes of Dodge at 90th and 62nd Street. These stations will update public transit located close to Villa Vinee Apartments. This will cause lane restrictions on Dodge- so be on the lookout if you are driving! Consider using public transit to cut down on your carbon footprint.

What to expect from these new ORBT stations? New ticketing systems! Instead of digging for change, there will be a ticket station where you can prepay for your ride! This will make the transit seamless and faster for all passengers. The buses are also a lot longer and can accommodate up to 80 passengers at a time! The entry for the bus will now be level with the sidewalk- making for safer entry and exit. It gets better! These buses will also be equipped with free Wi-Fi, live bus route updates and have better bike accommodations.

These ORBT buses will be seen around town starting in Fall of 2019 and the ORBT stations and rapid bus line will roll out in Spring of 2020!

New Summer Hours At These Omaha Apartments!

At Villa Vineé we try to accommodate our potential residents as much as possible! Starting today, we are offering extended summer office hours for your convenience. You can now stop by the office any time between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM! Jorge, our Assistant Manager, is very busy at this time of year so having an extra hour really helps us to spread out his appointments!

Are you interested in taking a tour of our beautiful apartment homes? We would love to fit you in to our schedule. Making a tour is not necessary, but helps us give you the best touring experience possible. You can call us at (402) 393-1668 or email at to get information about our current availability and schedule an appointment!

You can also visit our website at to see pictures of our community and get information on our spacious floor plans. We also encourage you to check out our Facebook page, Villa Vineé Apartments. Our Facebook features tons of information about current events in the area, what is going on in our community and reviews from current and past residents! It is also a great way to get ahold of office staff.

We cannot wait to hear from you!