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Stir Concert Series near this Omaha Apartment

If you are a fan of live entertainment, you will love the lineup recently announced to perform at Stir Concert Cove this summer.

Stir is the concert venue behind Harrah’s Casino, just a quick drive across the river from all the Robert Hancock & Co. complexes.  Stir is a great outdoor area that holds about 7,000 people..  just bring a lawn chair.    Drinks can be purchased as well.

Here is the list of great acts coming to Stir this year, including Billy Idol, The Alabama Shakes, Neon Trees, Judas Priest, Weird Al Jankovic, Little Big Town, Alice in Chains, and many many others.|INC|Brand|ENT|COU

Omaha is blessed with great entertainment..  we’ll try and keep you updated through out the summer for more events to catch!

It’s Greening up Nicely at these Omaha Apartments

Maybe you’ve noticed, and maybe you haven’t, but spring is here.    With the recent rain, and expected rain this week, things are starting to get green in a hurry.    Here are few other things that will be happening soon.

With the spring, we will be doing furnace filter changes this month.   You will see a note on your building indicating the time we will do this.

Also, you’ll start to see the mowers and trimmers the week of April 13th.   Please be courteous when they are around, and in the parking lot.  We should also have the parking lot swept that same week, or the week after.   

Lastly, we will be putting on a new roof on the 419-421 building.    This should start by May 1.   Hopefully this will be a seemless project.

Have a wonderful spring, and if you are new to Villa Vinee’, welcome!

New Spring Hours at this Omaha Apartment

Villa Vinee’ will have new hours in the office starting today!    From now, thru spring, summer and fall, we will be open from 8 am to 6 pm every day during the week, and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday’s.  

We will now be open that extra hour to serve you better, starting today, March 30th.

Let us know what we can do for you!   If you are at another RHC property, check with your office staff to see the appropriate hours of operation at your location.

Two Bedroom Apartments Available at this Omaha Apartment

Villa Vinee’ has a couple amazing two bedroom apartments that are currently available and ready for immediate move in.    These units are extremely large, both are 1150 square feet, and offer wonderful closet space, beautiful updates, and great deck views.  

Are you currently looking for that perfect location in Omaha??   Villa is that rare spot in Omaha that is 15 minutes from everywhere.    Want to go downtown?   15 minutes.    Want to go out west?   15 minutes.   Need to get to the airport?   15 minutes..  ok, maybe 20.   

Tucked in the Westside school district, it is the best of all worlds.    Quaint quiet neighborhood, close to restaurants, schools, and shopping;  does it get any better?    Come see what all of our online reviewers are fussing over.

Villa Vinee’.

March is Coming In like a Lion.. at these Omaha Apartments

Did you ever wonder where some sayings come from??    Now that March is in full swing, did it truly come in like a lion?   And will it go out like a lamb?

Here is a little history lesson about the phrase we’ve all heard a few times.

Don’t forget to click on the link in the article to see the Farmer’s Almanac showing March’s weather predictions.   And don’t forget to visit all of the property links to see what is available at your favorite Robert Hancock & Co. apartments.  


Summer Waitlist Filling Fast for this Omaha Apartment

Are you already looking for a place to live for the upcoming year?    You aren’t moving until June or August perhaps??   Or maybe you haven’t started looking?

What better time to look at your potential home than now.   Come see why everyone is raving about Villa Vinee’.   We have a waitlist program set up for the summer, and for prospects wanting to set up their next home sooner than later.   Waiting until the last minute can provide less than desired results, so claim your place now.  Check out Villa Vinee’ or any of our other great Robert Hancock & Co. properties for a tour, and make your decision early.   Get on a waitlist here and you’ll secure a wonderful new home for 2015 and beyond.   $150 down holds a spot for you on the waitlist.    Why wait?   Call us and make an appointment today!

These Omaha Apartments are Honoring Martin Luther King Jr

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.    This is a particularly important day in American history, as well as the history of the housing industry.

In the years after MLK’s, I Have a Dream speech, many laws began to change to make things equal for all Americans.   One of those changes was the Fair Housing Act of 1968.   The Civil Rights Act signed into law in April 1968–popularly known as the Fair Housing Act–prohibited discrimination concerning the sale, rental and financing of housing based on race, religion, national origin and sex.     This act was in conjunction with the Civil Rights Act in 1964, which occured shortly after King was assasinated. 

Here is a wonderful article if you would like to read more.

Many times you’ll hear us refer to Fair Housing.    What we do for one, we do for all.   Robert Hancock & Co. is dedicated to fairness and is committed to your comfort.    Martin Luther King was instrumental in bringing fairness to all, including in our business.   Today, we honor him.

Two Bedroom Apartments Available at this Omaha Apartment

Are you looking for tons of space, a great kitchen, more than one bathroom, and great neighbors?   Look no further than Villa Vinee’.

Villa Vinee’ has two bedroom units open RIGHT NOW in a very comfortable price range.   Call now for availability and pricing at 402-393-1668, and find out about Omaha’s best kept secret.    Your next home awaits you!

Happy New Years from Villa Vinee’.

Last Minute Shopping Apps for the Holidays around this Omaha Apartment

Are you one of the millions of people who hasn’t finished your holiday shopping??   Are you dreading the thought of going out to hit the stores and find that special gift?   Here is an excellent article with some helpful phone apps for last minute shopping during this stressful time of year.

Do you use phone apps to help you with shopping??   Technology can help save time and money.   If you have a smart phone, take advantage of the resources provided.   Get an app!   Happy Holidays from all of us here at Villa Vinee’.