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Roller Coaster Weather expected at this Omaha Apartment

Well, it looks like our good winter might get a little more exciting as the next few months could be like a great amusement park ride. Lots of ups and downs over the rest of January and February.
What does that mean for us here at Villa Vinee. Well, hopefully not much shovelling!! But it could mean some days are busier showing apartments than others, so call and make an appointment when it’s nice out to come view all of our gorgeous properties!! We’d love to show you around, even if it’s not-so nice out. Come see us at Villa Vinee, 78th and Howard Street.

Centrally located in Omaha, we have apartments available in January!

Villa Vinee has availability coming in January 2012. Have you made your choice for the coming year?? Where do you want to be? Villa is right in the middle of town.. not midtown, but centrally located, and close to everything. Come see us at Villa, located just off 78th and Howard Streets (halfway between Dodge and Pacific Streets). Or call us at 402-393-1668!!

Delivering packages to this Omaha Apartment complex

With the holiday season upon us, many people are taking advantage of online shopping to get their presents purchased. When you have a delivery to Villa Vinee, or anywhere else, for that matter, you should always make sure you get delivery confirmation. While it does cost a little more, you do want to have someone sign for your packages. This should save you the hassle of having to replace a lost package for the holiday, which can be costly and may not come in time for you to get it wrapped, etc.

If you are not home, UPS and FedEX are happy to bring your packages to the main office, and we can hold them here for you. If you need to send something directly to the office, our address is 7722 Howard St. Omaha, NE 68114.

Have a happy holiday, and good luck with your online shopping!

Giving Thanks in our Omaha Apartment Community

This time of year, with the changing colors and temperatures, comes the time to give thanks. We at the Villa Vinee apartments would like to give thanks to all of our wonderful residents. You make Villa what it is. Makes me very thankful to run such an amazing property.
A reminder to our residents, as well, that the office at Villa will be closed at 5pm Wednesday, and won’t reopen until Monday morning, the 28th, at 8am. If you need to refill your laundry card, pick up a package, or do some paperwork, come see me this week!!

When the time changes, so changes Omaha’s Villa Vinee Office hours

Well, we hope you all “fell” back well. It’s nice to get that extra hour of sleep, right?? Now that it will be dark earlier, we will be adjusting our hours of office operation here at Villa Vinee. Our hours are now 8am to 5pm during the week, Monday thru Friday, and we are also open Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. Residents, be sure to stop in and fill up your laundry card during this business hours… or come see us to learn more about our wonderful 1 or 2 bedroom apartment.

The colors are changing in Omaha… are you changing to a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment soon?

Changing your living arrangements soon? Look no further than one of our wonderful properties here at Robert Hancock & Company! Villa Vinee offers some amazing sights this time of year, and with the changing leaves, comes a great time to change into one of our one or two bedroom beauties. Or perhaps, you need a cozy studio for one of those cozy nights ahead. Let us know how we can accommodate you. If you need something in another area of town, make sure you check out ALL of our wonderful properties.

If you need something centrally located, with an amazing layout, stop by Villa Vinee at 7722 Howard St., or call us at 402-393-1668.

Halloween in Omaha.. Trick or treat yourself to a wonderful new 1 or 2 bedroom apartment!

Looking for a new place to live this ghoulish season?? Look no further than one of Omaha’s best kept secrets, Villa Vinee. Right in the heart of Omaha, at 78th and Dodge, you will love the wonderful surroundings, amazing updates, and friendly neighbors. If you haven’t stopped by, give us a call, come over for a visit. Villa Vinee.. 402-393-1668. Or stop by one of our other amazing properties!!

Great weather to come see a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment homes this week in Omaha.

So, the weather folks are giving us a pass this week.. saying it’s going to be spectacular all week long. This is a great time to look ahead and do your “shopping” for an apartment home. Why wait to see an apartment when it is cold, rainy, snowy, or just plain miserable outside?? Come see one of Omaha’s best kept secrets, Villa Vinee! Right in the heart of Omaha, at 78th and Howard Streets. Howard is half way between Dodge and Pacific. We have 1 and 2 bedroom apartments coming available in the next few months, but don’t wait; they won’t be around long. Or perhaps you need a studio apartment?? Yep, we have that too. Get on our waitlist NOW so you don’t miss out. And do it now, while the weather is spectacular.