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March Madness is Sinking in at these Omaha Apartments

It’s that time of year again, where brackets are busted and half court buzzer beaters are all the rage. March Madness, also known as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, is in full swing, starting last Thursday and Friday with some thrillers, some stunners, and some last minute heroics. If you are a fan, and haven’t seen any of the tournament, head to this website for more information.

The next round of games will start this coming Thursday, March 24th, and finish up March 27th, leading to the Final Four in Houston the following weekend. The National Championship game is April 4th.

If you are an apartment hunter, and want some March buzzer beaters, come to Villa Vinee’ before April 1st and get a great deal before prices go up. We have some amazing one and two bedroom deals that you don’t want to miss.

New Assistant Manager at these Omaha Apartments

Villa Vinee has a new assistant manager. Dustin Ancheta has started within the last 10 days, and is already settling in nicely. We want to welcome Dustin to the team here at Villa. We hope to have a new maintenance tech here soon, as well. Matt and Gary are holding down the fort nicely while we prepare for a new technician.

We want to wish our last assistant, Brandon Brazda, well at his new location. Brandon moved to Pinhook Flats and Four Seasons, splitting time between the two. He will be missed here at Villa, but will help the company immensely at those two properties.

We know that you see a new face up here from time to time. Villa has been a training ground for new assistants for the last few years, and with the experience of the other staff members, we ensure that you are always in quality hands.

Orkin to Spray at this Omaha Apartment

Just a friendly reminder that Orkin will be here to spray the entire Villa Vinee property on Thursday August 20th, 2015 from 8-4pm to get rid of those wasps that are lingering around. With that being said don’t forget to remove all your belongings from your balcony to protect your items and to make their job easier to remove those unwanted wasps!

School Starting Soon near this Omaha Apartment

School will be in full swing very soon for most of our area students.   Here is a comprehensive list of dates for schools starting in our area.

Here’s a great article with a back to school to do list, as well.

Lastly, watch out for school buses, and children walking.   Many buses are adding cameras, so if you pass them illegally, or do not stop when going the opposite direction (a common problem), they will record you.   Do NOT pass a stopped school bus in either direction.    Save yourself a ticket, or worse, an accident.   Take your time in school zones too!    Help make this a safe back to school season.

Looking for a great Omaha Apartment

If you are here, reading this article, you are on this website, most likely contemplating your next move.  Many times, location, or a pool, or something specific catches your eyes and takes you to one of the 10 great properties.  

If you’ve picked out one apartment complex over the other 9 great places, that’s great.  Everything seems great, but perhaps that one place may not be available for your time frame, or they don’t have a two-bedroom for you for a couple months.  If that’s the case, don’t wait to contact one of our sister properties right away to see what they may have to offer.   Often times, our residents looked at another RHC property first, but ended up at a different place altogether.

Give a few properties a ring when looking, and your next apartment will be at the other end of one of those lines!!

Villa is leasing for September now…  if you need something for that time frame, let us know, and if you need something sooner, try one of the other 9 great properties.

No Fireworks at all RHC Omaha Area Apartments

Just a reminder that RHC properties are in a “no-fireworks” zone..   meaning you are not allowed to light or fire off any fireworks on property of any kind.  

If you like to shoot off fireworks, you will need to do this at the home of a friend or relative, or if you like to watch fireworks, there are plenty of shows in the next week.   Consult, or check out the World Herald for times and locations.

Let’s keep our apartments safe and quiet for this patriotic week.   Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Water Main Break at this Omaha Apartment

Yesterday was one of those days.   You may have seen the crews, or been without water for part of the day.

Yes, we had the dreaded “water main break”.    These are always good times…  no flushing, no running water, no showers.   Our guys, along with Eyman Plumbing, did a yeoman’s job to get the water back on in the four buildings without.     Around 3pm, the crew had most of our residents up and running, and by 5pm, everyone was back online in full force.   Thanks to all of you who were patient in this outage, and thanks to those who helped us get wet again!     I’m always impressed by the response of our teams.   Thank you!!

No job is too big at Villa Vinee’.

Pool is Open at this Omaha Apartment

Ready for summer??   Ready for the hot weather so you can jump in a nice pool for a swim?    What?  You live at a property without a pool?

Well, we can change that for you.  Come see Villa Vinee’.   Wonderful apartments, amazing maintenance, friendly staff and a luxurious pool.  Why look anywhere else?

Love our Neighbors here at this Omaha Apartment

Being a good neighbor is sometimes easier said than done…    but it doesn’t have to be.   We’ve found a great article that should help everyone get along as good neighbors.    Having good neighbors, and showing that good neighbor etiquette is a great foundation for apartment living.

We feel like most of our residents are already on board with these great tips, but who can pass up some great free advice, right??    Also, when reading the article, remember that there is no smoking in any RHC building or on decks or balconies.    Also, we are cat friendly at RHC.

Come see how neighborly we are at Villa Vinee’, with one and two bedroom options coming open all summer.

Robert Hancock & Co. Properties are now Smoke Free!

As of May 1st, 2015, all of the Robert Hancock & Co. properties are now smoke free inside all buildings, and on all decks, balconies, and patios.

This should not only clean up the properties, it should help the air quality, and the risk of a fire is greatly reduced.   This is a huge win-win for the properties and our residents.    We are still providing outdoor smoking for all residents and guests.    Each property will have designated smoking areas for those people who wish to smoke.  

I’ve been encouraged at Villa Vinee’, in particular, that a number of my “smoking” residents are staying put, and are going to try and quit smoking, as well.    We are very proud of those folks, and wish them well in their attempt to stop.  We know you can do it.

Please note that smoking is not a protected class in housing, and Robert Hancock & Co. still acts in accordance with all Federal Fair Housing Laws, and we do not discriminate.