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Modern Studios available in Aksarben Village-FREE RENT specials

Studio 2110114 FREE RENT- Apply NOW-

or call 402-715-5863 to schedule a tour!

2nd full month rent free with a  13-month lease @$850 

Located in a neighborhood with history; and now, with a great Vibe – progressive, youthful, urban.  Around the corner from shopping, entertainment, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Baxter Arena and Stinson Park concerts and events.

Off-Campus Student Housing

Secure your private studio apartment at Pinhook Flats and CUE at Aksarben Village! We are just walking distance to UNO campus or a short drive to near by institutions. Having that separation of off-campus housing can be beneficial in many ways. Here at Pinhook Flats we have the Barbaro studio that is 481 sq ft which rents for $850 a month. Or the Strike the Gold studio is 591 sq ft that rents for $925 a month. All studios come equipped with a full size kitchen, granite counter tops, and dishwasher. Our studios also come with a washer and dryer in every unit! No more saving up your quarters or walking down to the laundry room.

Our main building you will have access to all the apartment amenities. Such as our 24-hour fitness center, community room with kitchen, and balcony patio that over looks Aksarben Village. Our location is prime for nearby bike trails to get yourself more outside enjoying the upcoming spring weather. Plus for the summer time relax and get some sun in our sparkling swimming pool.

While living in Aksarben Village you are within walking distance to all the amazing restaurants and local businesses. Inner Rail Food hall with 10 delicious vendors and outdoor spacious sitting to enjoy live music on the weekends. Jones Bro’s can offer you a fun sweet treat destination offering gourmet bakery and lunch items. With Baxter Arena just right across the street you can go cheer on the UNO Mavericks hockey team and attend premier entertaining events.


Call us today to learn more about our available studios or more information on the waitlist for summer move in.

Love the home you live in while keeping life simple!

I don’t know about you but I love watching HGTV and reading articles about design, especially anything related to downsizing.  There are many reasons why minimalism is growing but I will save that for another blog.  In this blog I have compiled a few fun ideas on space planning.  To live in a small space, you have to possess a minimalist gene (or at least an organizational one).  Furniture placement and space planning are the most important factors in creating successful flow to any room.

  1. Utilize Vertical Space

One of the keys to designing a small space is to not dwell on how small it is. Instead, embrace what your room has to offer and work with it. One of the best ways to do this is to make use of your vertical space.

With square footage at a premium, vertical space is a great way to add some practical functionality to your room. Wall shelving maximizes storage without taking up a ton of floor space and can multitask as a place to house books, clothing, storage, and decorative objects – adding both function and personality to your space.  If you think you don’t have space for a night stand, try replacing your nightstand with a bookcase. This will triple your available storage without taking up any more floor space. Not to mention, replacing your nightstand means one less piece of furniture to buy!

  1. Stay Organized with Hidden Storage

Clutter instantly makes any space feel claustrophobic – but the effects are especially noticeable in small rooms! Keep clutter at bay with creative storage solutions.

In small spaces, we love furniture that does double duty, like a bench with interior storage. Three-drawer nightstands also offers that extra little bit of storage that a small space needs!  Storage baskets are good-looking storage solutions that allow you to tuck things out of sight but within reach.

  1. Draw the Eye Up

Hang your curtains high! A good 6 inches above the top of your window frame is an easy rule of thumb.

Why does this help? Because when you hang your curtains too low, your room will look smaller and more cramped, but hanging your curtains high will create the illusion that your space is taller and will make your ceilings look instantly higher. Just make sure you get curtains that are long enough, so they still hit the floor when you hang them extra high!

  1. Save Floor Space

You don’t want to over-stuff a small space with furniture. But on a practical level, you want to make sure you have what you need to accommodate both day-to-day living and entertaining. The last thing you want is a bunch of extra seating that you never use crowding your small space.

Instead, look for clever ways that you can tuck extra seating into your space that won’t take up valuable floor space. Try tucking a few stools under a console, or placing a storage bench behind your floating sofa. Seating that you can pull out when you need it, and tuck away when you don’t, is a great way to make use of dead space.

  1. Go for Clear Furniture

When all else fails, a good old optical illusion is a great way to make your small space seem larger. Clear furniture in glass or acrylic is a great way to open up a small space.

These pieces serve their functional purpose, but they have the added benefit of not taking up visual space or adding weight to the room. It’s a small space win-win!

  1. Choose Leggy Furniture

Bulky furniture that sits on or close to the floor adds a sense of visual clutter and makes your room feel heavier. On the other hand, furniture perched on elegant, tapered legs makes small spaces feel more open.

Even if they take up the same amount of floor space, furniture on long, spindly legs create more of a light and airy feeling. And the extra floor space under a couch or bed that’s perched on legs offers a place for easy storage

  1. Layer Your Lighting

In a smaller space, you may be tempted to minimize your lighting so you don’t add more to an already small room. But multiple lighting sources are actually your friend in a small space. Don’t be afraid of an overhead light, wall sconces, and a few table lamps. These varied light sources create depth and make a room feel larger. It’s also a great way to soften the lighting if your space doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

  1. Add Mirrors

Just like clear furniture, mirrors create an optical illusion that makes small spaces feel more open. They trick the eye into thinking there’s more space and they bounce light around, which helps create an open, bright feel.

  1. Floating Shelves

Floor space is always important and even more so if your home is lacking in square footage. So, if most of yours is already taken up with essential furniture, floating shelves are the perfect option. They’re not only a fraction of the price of a standard desk, but they also take up barely any room. Skip the bulky desk and opt for a sleek shelf with a chair and some standard office decor to tie the look together.

 10. Multi-Purpose Furniture

A desk doesn’t have to technically be a desk in order for it to function as you need it to. Have a console? That’s the perfect surface area to double as a place for you to work from home. Keep everything you normally would on the shelves, just leave some room for your computer. Furniture with more than one function is a must when it comes to small spaces, and something you will learn to love in no time.

 11. Use Your Corners

When you’re not working with a ton of space, you’ll quickly realize that it’s essential to utilize every corner of your home. This literally includes the corners of your home. There are desks that you can purchase — or if you’re feeling ambitious you can try to DIY your own — that will fit perfectly into a corner slot. These angled desks are the ideal choice when you have minimal unused space in your home. Since most furniture and decor won’t fit in tight corners, go custom and you’ll be satisfied in the long run.

 12. Barely-there desk

If you don’t have anywhere in your home to put a barely-there desk — don’t worry. You can still put a desk in your bedroom without it turning your sacred space into a full-on office. Choose a desk with a design you actually like, then decorate it and the surrounding area as you would a dresser or a vanity. Flowers, frames, books and other trinkets can and should be displayed here. This will turn your workspace into a place to display your favorite things while meeting those deadlines.

Words from my favorite minimalist Joshua Becker- “A home filled with only the things you love or use is a home you will love to use!”  Click Here for a link to our wonderful studio apartments available within walking distance to restaurants, Baxter Arena, Keystone trail and Stinson Park in Aksarben Village.

Valentines Day in Aksarben Village

We all know that picking out that perfect Valentines day present can be stressful. Regardless of how long you have been with your significant other- or being your own Valentine this year! This year lets start thinking of some local businesses that can guide you to your perfect gift idea. Below are a some of our favorite located around the Aksarben Village area.

How about a large chocolate heart filled with all the sweet treats from Jones Bro’s Cupcakes? – this one even comes with a wooden hammer to smash open.

Don’t Break My Heart Box (courtesy of Jones Bros Cupcakes)

An upscale dinner at the new-american style restaurant with wine bar at Beacon Hills.  (Or staying in with curbside)

Beacon Hills

Maybe you miss the movie theatre? Aksarben Cinema is open this weekend find your new favorite movie together.


Whichever you choose this year, we all wish you a happy Valentines Day here at Pinhook Flats and CUE in Aksarben Village!



What are you waiting for? Race home to Pinhook Flats- where life comes in first.

Pinhook Flats was built on the grounds of glory and has kept the theme of The Aksarben Village Race Tracks history alive.   In one of the ways we have dedicated our premier apartment homes is by naming our floorplans using related racing phrases or names and here are what they have meant to the world of horse racing:


Barbaro, the winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby, is known not only for his racing accomplishments but also for his long and trying battle with an injury resulting from a race. In the years since his passing, both Sir Barton and the Leonard Richards Stakes were renamed the Barbaro Stakes.

Strike the Gold

As the winner of the 1991 Kentucky Derby, Strike the Gold also held the title of the oldest winner of the Kentucky Derby for 24 years.

Personal Ensign

Personal ensign is widely renowned for her amazing 13-week winning streak, which was unprecedented during her time. Even after her retirement, Personal Ensign received the 1996 Kentucky Broodmare of the year award.


Seabiscuit, the 1937 Triple Crown winner, is known for his remarkably small stature. Despite his size, he was voted the 1938 American Horse of the Year, and seen as a symbol of hope during the Great Depression.


Secretariat secured one of the best victories in horse-racing history when he beat opponents by 31 lengths (approximately 248 ft). Even after 40+ years since his Triple Crown win in 1973, Secretariat still holds speed records for multiple races.


Citation, during his racing career, is most notably famous for his 16 consecutive wins in high stakes competitions. He has also made headlines for being the first horse to ever win a million dollars.

Northern Dancer

Known as the first Canadian-bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby, Northern Dancer is truly an icon. Northern Dancer has been inaugurated into both the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame and the United States Horse Racing Hall of Fame.


Over his 3 years of racing, Affirmed won a total of 14 races in the high-class ranking. Affirmed also was the last horse to win the coveted Triple Crown for 37 years, until 2015.

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is not only a winner by merit, but also by blood. Silver Spoon is the Daughter of Triple Crown winner, Citation. In her first race, she beat her competitors by 6 lengths (approximately 48 ft.)


Omaha, a Triple Crown winner himself, is son to Triple Crown winner Gallant Fox. A memorial to Omaha is located in Stinson Park at Aksarben Village.

Winning Colors

Winning Colors is known as 1 of 3 young female horses to ever win the Kentucky Derby. After her retirement, Winning Colors produced 10 children, 6 of which would become champions just like her.


Unbridled was a powerhouse, accumulating 8 wins, 6 places, and 6 shows in 24 starts. Over his racing career, Unbridled earned a total of $4,489,475.

Aksarben Village studios, 1 beds and 2 beds

Are you looking for a great two bedroom apartment in Aksarben Village? We’ve got the apartment for you! Our two bedroom Affirmed floorplan is 1,106 square feet and $1,480 a month with a garage space included! This unit is located in our main building, which houses all of our wonderful amenities. We also have an Unbridled 926square feet and Seabiscuit 885 square feet 2 bedrooms/2 baths available that rent for $1395 a month with a garage space included!

We have a 24-hour access fitness center and the Paddock room, where you can host all of your great holiday parties for FREE! We have two computers and a printer that you can use anytime down in our Business Center, or you can hang out in our newly remodeled lobby! We also have a great community patio and swimming pool.

Not sure if you want to live in Aksarben Village? It is a great place to hang out and work! There is tons of free parking and all of the greatest restaurants are within walking distance. You can also take a stroll to the movie theater or hang out in Stinson Park. Hy-Vee is a short drive as well as the interstate!

Hate getting out in the snow to dispose of your trash? We have recycling and trash chutes on each of our floors so you don’t have to deal with the cold! We also have great heated garages. Each one and two bedroom unit has a garage stall included in the rent! Have a bike? No problem with our bike racks.

If you’ve seen Pinhook Flats and decided you wanted a more contemporary look, we’ve got a great apartment for you at CUE! We have studio, one and two beds! The Gallery floorplan is 481 square feet and $850 per month! The Loge 3 is 682 square feet and $1,150 a month. The Mezzanine is 926 square feet and $1,395 per month. CUE has its own amenities, as well. It has a community patio, a gym and a lounge. On top of all of that, you can pop on over to Pinhook Flats and use their amenities too!

All of our units have washers and dryers and are open concept, making it perfect to host those great Christmas parties! All of our building have controlled access, which means only residents and their guests are allowed to enter. Most one and two bedroom units have attached balconies for you to enjoy those spring and summer months.

We have several units that you can apply for an immediate move in. Give us a call at 402-715-5863 or email us at to schedule a tour and find your perfect new apartment!

Check out this video of our featured Studio apartment

All other units- $500 off-

FREE 2nd full month rent if you submit your application within 48 hours of taking a tour (self-guided or virtual) 

Click here for a video tour of our featured Studio apartment!  Contact the office for details and schedule your guided or self-guided tour!

Here’s what we need to get this apartment off the market for you and to lock in your specials:

  • $40 application fee
  • $450 deposit
  • Complete the application

Here’s what we’ll need to see to get your application approved:

  • Credit History (6 months of positive payment history, no large past due debts) or Rental History (6 months of good residency including Dorms)
  • Background Check (see application for details)
  • Income Qualification (Full time student-parental guarantee or at least 3 X the rent amount before taxes each month)

Keep in mind you’ll need to:

  • Be 19 years or older
  • Have a SSN
  • Sign a 12-month lease

Please also note we do not allow:

  • Dogs as pets
  • Guns on the property
  • Smoking in the buildings or on the balcony/patio

Saving for the Holidays!

Oh, the holidays! It’s a time for giving, joy, and spending time with the ones that you love. Sometimes, the giving part can be a little more difficult that people would suspect. What do you do if your wallet is wearing thin, but you want to get everyone a great gift? We’ve got the answer for you!

  1. Start your shopping months in advance. Many times we don’t think about the holiday season in the warmer months of the year. We’re more worried about getting those last summer projects done and having fun in the sun. However, if you start shopping earlier, you will be spreading out your holiday spending so your bank account isn’t taking the hit all at once.
  2. Who do you really need to shop for? If you’re anything like me, you may want to shop for anyone and everyone in your life. If you simply can’t afford this, don’t feel obligated to! Write down the most important people in your life like your significant other, your parents, siblings, etc. Then, think about those who really make an impact on your life. Is it your best friend or that neighbor who mows your lawn in the summer? This will help you realistically decide who you want to get a gift for.
  3. How much do I spend on who? After determining who you’re buying for, now decide how much you are going to spend on them. You may spend $100 on your spouse, and $50 on your parents. You certainly don’t have to spend the same amount on each person!
  4. Give yourself a budget. If you don’t give yourself a limit, you could spend more than you can afford. Approximately 13.6 million American’s are still in debt because of last year’s Christmas spending! Don’t let that be you. Determine how much you have to spend on your loved ones, and stick to that budget limit. If your limit is very small, DIY gifts are great too! Some people appreciate handmade gifts more because they come from the heart.
  5. Write it down! Get a list of everyone you’re buying for and put down what you plan on getting them. This will help you see what you need to get and if the items are realistic for your budget. If not, reconsider.

Holiday shopping can be stressful, but with these tips you’ll be on your way to have a smooth and debt free holiday this year. Remember that Christmas isn’t all about giving gifts! Enjoy time with your family, be kind to others, and celebrate the holiday season!

Pinhook Flats and CUE at Aksarben Village Food Drive

Pinhook Flats and CUE at Aksarben Village and the rest of the Robert Hancock & Co apartment communities are proud to be supporting the Food Bank of the Heartland this holiday season. It no doubt goes without saying that this is a truly unprecedented year, and the amount of need in our community is greater than it has ever been. We hope that those of you who are looking for ways to help and have the means to do so will help us in supporting this great cause!

Last week we collected cereal and breakfast items and we are very grateful for all that you were able to give. This week we are collecting peanut butter and jelly and next week we will be collecting pasta, spaghetti sauce and macaroni and cheese items. Of course, if you have extra canned goods or other food items you wish to contribute, we will be happy to collect those for you as well. Donations can be made at both the Leasing Office at Pinhook Flats or in the lobby at CUE.

We are very thankful for all of you who make our apartment community truly special and unique. Thank you for continuing to be diligent about wearing masks outside your apartments in accordance with the Omaha Mask Mandate to keep your neighbors safe and healthy. Thank you also for all those who have contributed to our food drive and for all of you who will be helping over the next couple weeks and bringing some joy to those who are looking for some extra help this holiday season.

Did You Know? Halloween Edition

  • The tradition of Halloween goes back over 2000 years! The origins of Halloween can be traced back to an old Celtic fall festival called Samhain (pronounced “sho-win”). People would dress up in costumes and gather around a bonfire to ward off spirits.
  • Trick-or-treating actually has roots back to medieval times. The practice of “guising” originated in Scotland and Ireland. Young people dressed up in costumes and asked for food and money in exchange for songs, poems or other “tricks.”
  • U.S. consumers have made Halloween the 2nd largest commercial holiday in the country. According to the National Retail Foundation, American consumers spent $9 billion on Halloween in 2019! The average American spend $86.27 on Halloween.
  • Jack-o-lanters originated in Ireland and were carved out of turnips, potatoes, and beets. As the story goes, an Irish man named Stingy Jack tricked the devil and was not allowed into the afterlife, and was therefore forced to roam the earth with his carved turnip lantern and called himself “Jack of the Lantern.” Americans actually popularized carving pumpkins.
  • Illinois produces roughly 5 times as many pumpkins as any other state in the US. New York City throws the biggest Halloween parade in the United States. The fastest person to carve a jack-o-lantern (consisting of a complete face of eyes, nose, mouth and ears) was 16.47 seconds! And last but not least, Keene, NH holds the record for most jack-o-lanterns on display with 30,581 lit up pumpkins around town!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little trivia session, but now we’ve got to get back to bobbing for apples! Happy Halloween from Jackie, Mark, Mark and Ben at the Pinhook Flats office!