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Updates in Aksarben Village

We have been extremely busy at Pinhook Flats and CUE this summer! We welcomed over 70 new residents in 54 apartments! WOW! You can only imagine the great experiences we’ve had meeting all of our new residents and finding them the perfect home. Through the latter part of summer, we have been upgrading select units, and plan to continue this through the fall. This will be happening at both properties!

Both communities have their own unique features. The larger of the two communities with 182 units, is Pinhook Flats. This complex features floorplans named after famous racehorses as homage to The Ak-Sar-Ben Race Track and Coliseum which closed in 1995. Residents can personalize their apartment in a special way by choosing an accent wall color from our color palette. How fun! Some of the upgrades that are happening here are all new stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen, new wood vinyl flooring, and new carpet in the bedroom(s). This beautiful new look is hard to pass up. See vinyl flooring photo below!

Across the street from Pinhook Flats sits CUE. This community is much smaller in overall size, holding only 45 units, but packs a punch with modern charm. This red-carpet themed complex features all sorts of fun movie theater/Hollywood décor. All units receive a beautiful fresh coat of white paint on the trim, doors, and ceiling. The stainless-steel kitchen appliances, wood vinyl flooring and new carpet are all upgrade options here as well. Included are photos of the stainless-steel and the white trim/doors.

Many of our apartments for future availability will feature these beautiful upgrades. Call the office today to inquire about upcoming availability! 402.715.5863


Pinhook Flooring Upgrades           CUE Stainless Steel                      CUE Stainless Steel with White Trim


Two Hot Tips to Pay Rent On Time

Keeping up with all your bills due dates can be a struggle at times. Missing a payment or paying late can get costly with late fee charges. It is so important to remember to pay your rent on time. It not only maintains a positive relationship with your property manager, but also can help you avoid late fees and added stress.

Remember, rent is due on the 1st of every month, but you have a grace period until the 5th to make your payments. After the 5th, you will incur a late fee on your account. Here’s two hot tips from the Robert Hancock & Co. crew on how to always pay your rent on time to avoid that pesky late fee!

Set Up Auto-pay

This is the easiest piece of advice you will get for paying your rent on time! In your Rent Café portal, you have the option to set up automatic payment withdrawal. First click on payments, then click on Auto-pay Setup. From this screen you will be able to see your average monthly charges and choose the date you would like auto-pay to pull from your bank account! You can choose either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd of the month! Be sure to have the money in the account before auto-pay pulls to avoid an insufficient funds charge. We understand that life gets hectic at times. This preferred method of payment eases the stresses of incurring a late fee from forgetting to pay rent.  And it’s totally free to pay online using your routing and account number for your checking or savings account!

Set A Reminder

In your phone or on your computer, set a reminder a few days before the 1st to help you remember to pay your rent! You can go online in Rent Café and see your ledger, which will have your due rent amount and utility charges. You will never be unsure of what your monthly balance is! If you would prefer to pay your rent through check or money order/cashier’s check, remember to always drop off your payments in the drop boxes at your property.

We hope that these two tips come in handy when paying your rent at one of our properties.

Life Cycle of a Move-In

The summer months are peak moving times at Robert Hancock & Co! These peak months usually start in April and end in September. It is estimated that more than 80% of moves occur during these months! Since so many people move during the peak season, it can be quite competitive at times to find a unit! There are some instances where a unit comes available, and a new tenant moves in the same week! Because of this, it is very important to start your apartment search early. We suggest looking approximately 30-120 days in advance. This gives plenty of time for the move-in process be executed.

This is how the move-in process works! We would first receive notice from the current resident on their plans to vacate the premises. Then, we market the newly available apartment to the public! This is when you would be apply and put down your application fees/deposit to take it off the market. After you apply, we process the application! This typically takes 3-5 days to get all of the required information verified. Then, after you have been approved, we start prepping the apartment with new paint and professional cleanings! Finally, its time for move in day and for you to pick up your keys. Check out the properties on our website, and find your home today!

Four Things to Consider for First Time Renters

Renting an apartment for the first time can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience! We, at Robert Hancock & Co., want to be able to assist you in any way that we can. Here are some tips to help you get started on this rental journey.

Decide on your Budget – This one seems like a no brainer! It is super important to determine how much money you are willing to spend on an apartment. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development suggests that you spend no more than 30% of your gross income on rent. You can get a roommate or pick up a part-time job to help cover the costs that come with getting a place of your own.

Decide on Location – Think about what is important to you in the location of your apartment! Do you want to be close to work, school, or your family? Is the neighborhood friendly, safe and convenient? Do you want to be within walking distance of the hustle and bustle of the city? It is up to you to decide on what will make you the happiest and most comfortable in your new home.

What is Your Make-It or Break-It Necessity? What can you just not live without? Decide on whether you can see yourself in an apartment without a pool. Think about how nice it would be to have a washer and dryer in your unit instead of having to go to the laundromat. Do you need to have security patrolling at night? What would make you change your mind if it was missing that one amenity?

Know the Apartment’s Expectations! If you have never rented before, it’s very important to know the expectations of your new apartment. Most apartments will need to do a check to see if you have any criminal offenses, bills in collections, rental history, or if you even have credit at all! Know what is expected of all applicants, and be sure that you fit all criteria needed to get approved for your new home!

Hopefully these topics will make you think about what is most important to you when finding your dream apartment!

Moving Company Options in Omaha

So, you’ve toured our property, filled out the application, and gotten approved for your new dream apartment. Well, what’s next? Some would say the most difficult part of moving, is MOVING. Packing up everything yourself, loading your items into a vehicle, transporting your items to your new home, and unpacking your items is A LOT of work. Sometimes, the best option is to have someone else do all the hard work for you! Here are three moving companies in Omaha that would love to take some of the stress off of you…and your back.

Firefighters on the Move: Firefighters on the Move is a full service moving company established in 2007 by two Omaha firefighters. They operate a fleet of well maintained 26’ straight trucks and have a dedicated group of employees. They operate a competitive rate of $126 per hour for two men and one straight truck. You can visit their website at:

Moving Made Smooth, Inc.: Moving Made Smooth, Inc. is a moving company where you rent the truck or storage container, and they take care of the rest! They get the men and the equipment ready for your move, including the boxes! Their reasonable rate is $170 for two men for two hours. More information on this company can be found:

MW Moving LLC: MW Moving LLC is a Nebraska born company whose goal is to be the best moving company on the planet! They strive on bringing good old-fashioned midwestern values and work ethic to their job every day. Their great local rate is $115 for one mover and a truck. For a quote for your move, visit:

Not only can Robert Hancock & Co. work with you to find your dream apartment, we can help you get there too!