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Parkwood Manor Apartments recaps the festivities of its Holiday Open House party!

Thank you to all the Parkwood Manor Apartments residents who joined in the festivities at the Holiday Open House party on Monday evening.  It was a pleasure to see all of you.  The winners of our door prizes have been contacted.  They were: John from building 3, Melani from building 1, Sarah from building 4, and Paul from building 1.  Thank you again for joining us, and we hope to see even more of our residents at our next community event.

To those of you who did not make it, and to all our residents, we hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!


Parkwood Manor Apartments

Parkwood Manor Apartments celebrates the holidays with its Omaha Residents

Parkwood Manor Apartments is hosting a Holiday Open House for its residents on Monday, December 19th, from 4:30pm – 6:30pm.  Residents please stop by when you can.  There will be food, games, and prizes to be won!  Co-hosting the event are sponsors from State Farm, Sherwin-Williams, and Cox Communications who will be sharing their best deals!  So, residents, if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy season, stop by the leasing office on Monday, December 19th to share in some holiday cheer with your neighbors and the Parkwood Manor staff.  And possibly leave with a gift for you or that special someone!

Happy Holidays from Parkwood Manor Apartments!

Giving Thanks at Omaha’s Parkwood Manor Apartments

Tis the season of giving thanks!  And at Parkwood Manor Apartments, we have lots to be thankful for!  Here is a list of the top 10 reasons we are thankful here at Parkwood Manor Apartments.  Can you think of more???

#10 It is mid-November, and we still have not had to bear the icy/snowy weather!

#9 Our leasing office is getting a new arrangement for better usability by our residents!

#8 The holidays are coming!

#7 Our gas bills are only $20 per month, saving us more money in the coming months!

#6 It is so comfy and cozy in our apartments!

#5 Our residents love our reasonable rates!

#4 Our west Omaha location is fantastic!

#3 You can’t beat our crew of friendly maintenance men!

#2 Renewal bonuses for renewing early!

#1 Our wonderful residents!!!!!!!!!

If you would like to share what you are thankful for this season, go to our facebook page at to post your thoughts.

Last-minute Halloween Costume Ideas, by Parkwood Manor Apartments

Halloween is almost here, and if you don’t have a costume yet, you may be desperate for some last-minute ideas!  Whether you are taking the kiddos trick-or-treating or you’re hitting up the Omaha nightlife, you may be looking for the perfect costume for you and/or your son or daughter.

Check out some of these clever ideas.  You may even have some of this stuff hanging around your apartment!

  • Dress in pink and carry a feather.  What are you?  Tickled pink!
  • Carry around a quarter and a hammer.  What are you?  A Quarter-pounder!
  • Wear all black and put a postage stamp on your chest.  What are you?  Blackmail!
  • Wrap yourself in foil.  What are you?  A baked potato!
  • Wear all white. Attach (or paint) a yellow circle to your stomach.  You are an egg.  Add horns and a pitchfork and you are a deviled egg.
  • Paint a shoebox black and attach it to your back.  What are you?  A refrigerator magnet.
  • Dress normally.  Pin some socks, dryer sheets, hand towels to your shirt.  Static cling.
  • Wear a t-shirt with a large ? (question mark) on it.  Tape popcorn to it.  What are you?  A pop quiz.
  • Get some cat and dog stuffed animals.  Use double sided tape or string to attach to an umbrella. It’s raining cats and dogs.
  • Wear normal clothes.  Attach a dollar to each ear.  What are you?  A Bucaneer (Buck-an-ear).

Have a Happy Halloween!

Parkwood Manor Apartments gives suggestions for top Fall and Halloween activities in Omaha

Autumn is a great time of  year!  People are tired of the  suffocating heat and ready to be outside all day without sweating.  Along with the beautiful weather come exciting activities for families and adults. Omaha offers a large variety of  Halloween events and activities that many may not even be aware of and that everyone can enjoy!

There are the pumpkin patches and corn mazes that we all love and have enjoyed since childhood; including Vala’s Pumpkin Patch and Bellevue Berry Farm & Pumpkin Patch.  At these venues there are events ranging from pumpkin picking, corn mazes, spider web play areas, haunted houses, and more. Then of course, there are the haunted houses in the metro area.  Some of the most popular are, but not limited to, Mystery Manor, Scary Acres and The Shadow’s Edge.

Now, did you know about the other events happening in Omaha right now?  Lauritzen Gardens is holding the Fall Chrysanthemum Show from October 8th-November 20th at 9 a.m.-5 p.m.  This show articulates the beauty of autumn with thousands of brightly colored, unique chrysanthemums, water features, Japanese garden influences, and the textures and rich colors of trees and shrubs.  Henry Doorly Zoo has a great deal going on to get you into the Halloween spirit as well.  On October 14th and 15th, Henry Doorly Zoo’s Wildlife Safari Park will be hosting a Haunted Safari from 6p.m.-9p.m. which includes a variety of things to do.  The zoo will also be hosting Spooktacular on October 21st, 22nd, 29th and 30th from 6 p.m-9p.m. at the zoo itself. You will get a chance to interact with the animals in the dark as well as experience a variety of Halloween activities.

A couple of other original Halloween events you may want to check out are Pumpkins in the Park and the 34th Annual Witches Tea.  Pumpkins in the Park is held at Timbercrest Park on October 15th from 12 p.m.-5 p.m.  It is a community festival that is comprised of face painting, hay rack rides, games, prizes and more.  The Annual Witches Tea will be held at Mangelsen’s Saturday, October 15th from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. This is a free event where there will be a magician, face painting, balloon animals, crafts, games and prizes.  There is also going to be costume contest…so don’t forget to wear your costume.

Parkwood Manor Apartments in Omaha wants to remind everyone to be safe no matter what you choose to do or how you choose to celebrate the holiday.  Have fun at our local Omaha attractions.  Parkwood Manor would also like to remind everyone that some of these attractions do require reservations and may not be for children.  Please make sure to do your research before visiting any Halloween attractions to make sure they are oriented for the crowd with whom you will be attending.  So, have a wonderfully scary time…from Parkwood Manor Apartments.

For more information on some of these events please visit:

Parkwood Manor Apartments asks residents their opinions on Smoke Free buildings

The Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition (MOTAC) is an organization whose mission is to prevent and reduce tobacco use and the accompanying health and economic consequences in the Omaha area.  Its goal is to reduce tobacco use and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, especially in apartment buildings.

According to MOTAC, secondhand smoke is a health hazard, especially for children, the elderly, and persons with chronic illnesses, for which there is no safe exposure (Source: U.S. Surgeon General, 2006).  In addition, cigar and cigarette butts can also be fire hazards if not disposed of properly.

Because of these reasons and more, Parkwood Manor Apartments is considering adopting a smoke-free policy for some or all of its buildings and/or units.  Residents are currently being surveyed for their opinions on tabacco use in the buildings and on the grounds.  The surveys are being collected through the end of September at which time they will be reviewed in order to make final decisions on the policy.

For more information on the smoke free movement in Omaha, visit

Fall draws near at parks surrounding Parkwood Manor Apartments in Omaha!

Here at Parkwood Manor we love the fall!  Just a couple weeks ago, we were all complaining about the high heat and humidity we were experiencing here in Omaha.  Now, we can see fall is drawing closer and, with that, beautiful weather, changing leaves and tons of fun outdoor activities.

Now that we are seeing the gorgeous 60 and 70 degree temperatures we all love, we encourage those who live in apartments to get out and enjoy.  At Parkwood Manor Apartments you can sit outside on your patio and enjoy the changing of the seasons by watching all of the beautiful trees surrounding our small community.  There are also several Omaha city parks bordering our apartments; the closest being Lamp Park and Meadow Lane Park. Both of these parks have scenic walking paths, athletic fields and picnic areas.

Another good fall excursion is to nearby orchards and pumpkin patches.  There are several in Omaha and the surrounding area, including but not limited to: Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, Pooley’s Pumpkin Patch in Bennington, and Bellevue Berry Farm and Pumpkin Patch in Bellevue.  So, you can go enjoy the day picking fruits, vegetables and just enjoying the great outdoors.  When you are finished with your day, you can come home to your beautiful Parkwood Manor apartment in Omaha and decorate for fall with things you picked up on your outing or just enjoy a nice fall meal with some food that you purchased there.

These are just a few of our favorite pastimes at Parkwood Manor Apartments.  No matter what you choose to do with your fall season we hope you enjoy it and get a chance to be outside enjoying yourself with friends and family. Have a wonderful and safe fall from us here at Parkwood Manor Apartments in Omaha!!!

Show off your beautiful Omaha apartment at Parkwood Manor with a gathering of friends/family!

Here at Parkwood Manor in Omaha we want you to love where you live and want to show it off.  It isn’t always easy entertaining in a small space, but using some of these ideas you can make your next get-together the hit of the season.

Probably the best recommendation for apartment entertaining is that instead of having a large party, invite smaller groups over and entertain more often. When buying furniture for your new apartment, try to buy pieces that can easily be moved; like eye-catching folding chairs which add great seating room, but can easily be stored away in one of your new oversized closets.  Adjust your ideas to what you have available, rather than the other way around.  Finally, remember the temperature outside. Whether it is winter or summer you may want to turn the thermostat down to accommodate the high heat that comes with a gathering of people.

So, show off your apartment by entertaining a few guests using the tips above. You can even invite your out-of-town friends to enjoy all that Omaha has to offer.

To see more apartment entertaining tips, visit

Parkwood Manor Apartments just a short walk to Omaha Hotspots!

Parkwood Manor Apartments is nestled in a quiet neighborhood between two parks, Lamp Park and Meadow Lane Park.  However, it is also just a short walk to the bustling 114th and Dodge area in Omaha.  Some of the local attractions include restaurants and casual dining like Fernando’s, Little King Deli, Starbucks, and Grisanti’s.  For a night on the town, you can visit the Green Onion Lounge, DJ’s Dugout and Piano Bar, or Bar Fly.  

If you need to do some grocery shopping, Bag N Save is just a few blocks away.  And for some exercise, check out The Big Papio Trail along The Papillion Creek. 

For more things to do and see in the Omaha area, see

Parkwood Manor Apartments donates to Omaha Salvation Army tomorrow!

The residents of Parkwood Manor Apartments are cleaning out their closets in order to donate to our local Omaha Salvation Army. We are holding a Donation Day event in order for our residents to have an opportunity to do some spring cleaning while also contributing to a good cause. The Salvation Army will be setting up a donation truck at the property tomorrow, Saturday, June 25th, 2011 between the hours of 10am – noon to accept donations. Receipts will also be written for those who would like them for tax purposes. Refreshments will be served as well!

If you would like to participate or have questions about the event, please contact the leasing office.